The Benefits of After School Clubs for Children

There are lots of reasons why parents should consider sending their youngsters to an after-school club. Not only are they great for a child’s learning and development, but they also allow parents to maintain a level of routine for the family. I have teamed up with a kids camp in London to explore this in further detail.

Enhances Various Skills

 At after-school clubs, children are able to pursue specific hobbies and enhance their skills in those areas. It’s also a chance for them to socialise in a more relaxed environment than in school classrooms, which is great for their communication skills. As a result, they become increasingly more confident in their own abilities which helps them maintain a positive outlook and perform well academically.


Enables Independence

 When children spend a lot of time with their parents, there’s little room for independent thinking and decision-making. Time spent at an after-school club will encourage your child to act independently, which enhances their overall growth as an individual.

Improves Mental Health

 Another benefit of after-school clubs is that they provide an opportunity to wind down and explore something they truly enjoy after a hard day of lessons. If the club involves physical activity, not only will they become healthier in a physical sense, but they will also be better in a mental capacity. This is because endorphins are pumped around the body during exercise that allowing us to feel invigorated and de-stressed.

Introduces Positive Role Models

 At after-school clubs, children will meet a range of new people. They might have a coach or tutor that can shine a positive light on them and influence them in the right direction. The more positive role models that children have, the more likely they are to grow up to be successful, respectable adults.



Simone Ribeiro
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