Teaching Your Child to Overcome Obstacles

We all come face to face with setbacks at various intervals throughout life, there’s no avoiding them. That’s why parents should try and equip their children with the right skills to overcome these types of obstacles in a positive way. Read on for some advice on how to achieve this from a private school in Gloucestershire.

Expose Your Child to New Challenges

 In order to familiarise your child with overcoming obstacles, try to expose them to new challenges on a regular basis. By practising dealing with a setback, your child will become more confident in their ability to overcome certain situations, which will help them in the future. The challenges you set for your child don’t have to be massive, but some small problems to solve every now and again will go a long way when it comes to preparing them.

Celebrate Your Child’s Tenacity

 Being determined and knowing not to give up is crucial when overcoming obstacles, so be sure to praise your child whenever you see them demonstrating a sense of tenacity. Doing so will help them learn that perseverance is commendable and will contribute to their success, even when things seem impossible.

Play Board Games

Lots of board games and puzzles require the same sort of skills involved in overcoming an obstacle, such as critical thinking and problem-solving. With that said, playing games like Cluedo, Monopoly, and Pictionary will really help your child pick up important abilities that will help them going forward. Plus, they’re great fun and a chance to bond as a family.

Be a Good Role Model

 Try and show your child how to handle setbacks in a constructive way. If you’re faced with a problem, don’t lose your temper, or give up, as this will teach your child the wrong ways to handle obstacles. Instead, try and show them how to tackle issues in a calm manner.

Simone Ribeiro
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