Italian Investor Visa Misconceptions You Should Ditch Right Now

Italy is an excellent destination for aspiring immigrants because it offers the best lifestyle and opportunities. Whether you plan to set up a global business, start afresh with your family, or experience luxurious retirement abroad, Italian immigration is an ideal choice. The best part is that you can take an easy route by opting for the Italian investor visa. If you wish to dig deep, there’s an interesting article written by Bersani Law that explains the nitty-gritty of the route. However, some misconceptions can still keep you from exploring these options. Let us list a few you should ditch right now.

Misconception #1- You need a massive investment to get in

Essentially, an investor visa is an alternative for immigrants who do not qualify for other routes. For example, you can leverage it if you do not have ancestral connections or a marital association with an Italian. It is easy to believe that only a massive investment can make you eligible for this route. The truth is that you have multiple investment options for an Italian investor visa. The minimum starts with only €250,000, so you need not bring millions.

Misconception #2- Your money is at risk

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Absolutely not! Your money is not at risk even for a moment during the investor visa process because you have to spend nothing until its completion. You only have to furnish proof of funds with a bank statement to obtain a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta). The actual funding must come three months after obtaining your residence permit after you land in Italy.

Misconception #3- The process can take ages

The investor visa is perhaps the shortest immigration route that completes in a couple of months. You only have to cover two steps- obtaining a nulla osta online and applying for the investor visa at your local consulate. Overall, you can expect to wrap up these steps in a few months. Collaborating with an expert makes it even quicker as they guide you and ensure no omissions and errors in your paperwork.

Misconception #4- You do not get enough benefits

The Italian investor visa opens extensive benefits as you get a residence permit right after landing. You can live and work in the country, start a business here, and even bring your family without additional investment. You can even travel visa-free across the Schengen zone. Expanding your business is a breeze as you can tap the EU markets for growth opportunities.

Misconception #5- You can stay only for a short term

Although you initially get a two-year residence permit with the Italian investor visa, you need not worry about staying for the long haul. You can extend your residence permit and become a permanent resident after completing five years in the country. Spending a decade here gets you the eligibility for citizenship by naturalization. But remember that your investment has to stay put during this period.

Now that these misconceptions are debunked, you can go ahead with the Italian investor visa without second thoughts. Collaborate with experts for extra confidence because they ensure the smoothest possible journey.

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