My Noise Cancelling Headphones and Headsets Picks for 2022

Wireless headphones are the products that I usually like to evaluate new models now and then.

They are fundamental tools for my work and leisure time. Plus, they are the greatest ally in the day-to-day of many people, as well. Have you heard of the benefits of noise-canceling headphones for autism

Some of them have the ANC feature, translated as active noise cancellation – a technology capable of drastically reducing external noise by making the user can hear only what is played on the headphones.

How does Noise cancellation work?

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The headset will detect external noise with the microphone (or more than one in some cases) and emit a sound frequency wave inverse to the noise, causing its cancellation and leaving only the audio you want to listen to.

As I do prefer working with headphones on when I am writing. I do rely on my Life P3 earbuds for quite a long time now. But I also like headphones that are comfortable and are big enough for me not to lose them.

When I am teaching, my choice is always a wireless headset. For this reason, I am here to share my words on my latest gadgets.

LifeQ30 Wireless Headphones

My go-to for this month is the LifeQ30 wireless headphones which are my favourite of the month. I am practically using this pair of headphones to do everything. From working out to studying and recording videos.

These hybrid headphones have the most comfortable and ultra-soft protein leather ear cups with memory foam padding to fit snugly over your ears.

The lightweight build also ensures they are comfortable for long listening sessions. It is amazingly comfortable, and I spend at least 12 hours every day wearing them. So, I can tell it with some property.

Another amazing feature is the battery. This headphone can deliver at least 60 hours of life —when used in Transparency Mode. They cancel up to 95% of engine noise to give you a more restful journey. The user can still rely on the Soundcore app to perform voice commands at the touch of a button.

On the outside of the headphone, there are buttons for volume adjustment, answering calls, pausing, and playing music. The shells are spotless, folding both horizontally and vertically, making them easy to store in the carrying bag that accompanies the model.

Its structure is coated in fabric, with a rubberised one where there is direct contact with the ears. It comes with USB-C Cable, a 3.5mm AUX Cable, a stylish travel case, and a user manual.

PowerConf H500 Al-Powered Wireless Headset

£52.99 on Amazon 

I am not going to lie, I have at least three wireless headsets. As an online tutor, I use to evaluate different ones from time to time. Some language schools are also quite strict when it comes to the quality of that equipment.

Whether it’s for those who work in the home office, or those who want to improve the gaming experience, headsets are life-making equipment! They integrate their own microphone and are easily accessible and have a wide variety in the market. But do you know how to choose the best?

Well, you must try them out. For this reason, I am testing the PowerConf H500 Wireless headset this month to see how it works in practice. This Bluetooth headset uses VoiceShield deep learning technology to detect and effectively eliminate background noise.

I am quite impressed with the slim and lightweight design. I do confess that I love the idea of going for a wireless headset this time. As a teacher that must move around and have my hands free all the time, easy mobility is a big criterion for me.

This one is perfect for those who value freedom of movement, is a quite good size model too for being the perfect choice to carry in the backpack and use anywhere. The Bluetooth headset and the USB headset are part of the wireless category.

It also delivers a fast charger, keeping three hours of power fi charge for five minutes. Just work quite well in conferences and meetings.

They are extremely comfortable too. It fits perfectly on your head and its ear pads are soft enough to keep using it for long hours.

Get meeting recordings saved via the AnkerWork computer software. Then get a complete transcription with the click of a button.

This is a model focused on daily use, and for this, it has a very clean sound and adjustable microphone. In addition to all the sound quality and microphone, it also stands out for its sleek and modern design. In the box also found a charging cable, USB-C to USB-A converter, and a Bluetooth dongle.

*I received the product complimentary from Anker for testing purposes


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