5 Ways to Improve Your Guest House

Summer is finally here! After two difficult years for the travel industry, it’s time to put into practice the best plans to recover domestic tourism to pre-pandemic levels.

When it comes to guest houses and self-caterer accommodations, the competition can be quite aggressive. For this reason, it is essential to keep updated with the market, to attract the tourists.

One of the most effective ways is to make a few changes to improve the interiors.  This way, you can offer an exclusive experience to the visitors that will make them recommend it to family and friends. So, here are five ways to improve your guest house.

Attention to Details

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You may have noticed it. But it’s always good to remind you one more time: guests like to be spoiled. When they have a special treatment, they will not only spread the word about it but also come back for more in the future.

I always leave a nice review of where I stay, when I have an outstanding experience. It’s not only a way of keeping my memorable thoughts about the accommodation, but it’s also a way of telling people that there are some great places out there to spend your holiday.

So, why not invest in comfort? From cleaning to great serving skills, the guest needs to feel at home away from home. For this reason, it’s quite important to offer a few extra touches.

If you have a master bedroom that is the “business card” of your guest house,  I would consider upgrading your rooms with a nice bathtub or a luxury steam shower cubicle.

It’s also important to think about creative hotel amenities that would enhance their experience.

Check Your Competitors

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Like in any other industry, you need to be updated with the new trends around. Invest in the latest infrastructure trends. For example, how hotels are helping to improve wellness by offering the guest to make the most of their stay is an interesting feature to be followed.

The travel industry is in constant change, so, it is important to follow those changes in a way to meet the expectations of your guests.

Even simple measures such as improving the breakfast and security in your business are already great features to help make it to stands out.

Use Technology

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I don’t think you need to be remembered about it, but people love gadgets and new tech.  When we are travelling, we need practicality and comfort. Investing in technology in the travel industry is a must-do.

We can’t rely on slow Internet. So, make it one of the best practices for your business to see digital nomads talking about it.

If you want to speed up the services, for example, it is also important to check the self-check-in platforms. But make sure it won’t substitute the human interaction.

And of course, invest in social media channels. After all, the way you conduct your business’ presence online can bring you a lot of positive results.

Optimise Processes

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Talking about technology, it’s quite essential to follow customers’ needs. Nowadays, we do almost everything online. It is not different in the travel industry. Update your website or look for professionals that can help you with this task.

I do love the idea of staying in a guest house in a country lane in the middle of nowhere. But it is quite frustrating to check information about it on a website that was clearly made in 1995.

Travellers are online all the time. We want to book their rooms, check what to do and see, and send requests via email. We usually use the telephone to take pictures and do reels.

Personalised Your Guest Experience

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Whether on a leisure or business trip, the guest does not like to have work. Therefore, all the facilities that the guest house offers will have an impact on your experience.

Improve your hospitality by offering facilities such as airport transfers, laundry services, and tour schedules, for example. The more services you make available to your customer, the better the experience can be.

Providing personalised experiences for guests makes each of them feel special. Among the actions that can be done in this sense are, for example, leaving in the room a quirky gift for each guest, with his name and a special message. It’s something that doesn’t come out expensive and makes a good impression.

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