Ethical engagement rings trends

Trends certainly come and go but ethical engagement rings seem to be here to stick around! Today we have the lab-grown jewellery experts from Lily Arkwright here to help run us through the top trending rings in the world of ethical rings and lab grown engagement rings.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Responsibly sourced rings are the major trend right now! Knowing your ring’s origin and that it has been ethically and sustainably sourced is a major consideration for couples choosing their engagement ring. As a piece of jewellery to last a lifetime. An engagement ring is a big commitment and knowing that no person or environment was harmed in its creation is increasingly a point of concern.

Lab grown diamonds have been hot in the press, especially since celebrities such as Meghan Markle have been seen sporting lab diamonds on the red carpet and environmentalists such as Leonardo DiCaprio was a major investor in the Diamond Foundry (a zero-emission lab-grown diamond producer).

As the name suggests, lab diamonds are created in a lab through recreating the extreme temperatures and high pressures which occur in the Earth’s crust where natural diamonds form. There are no physical, chemical, or optical differences when it comes to comparing lab diamonds to natural diamonds.

You can be sure to receive the same fire and brilliance displayed in the finest of naturally mined diamonds for a fraction of the price!

Secret Diamond Accents

Engagement rings with unique hidden diamond accents are on a steady rise in popularity. One of these is the hidden halo, which is a contemporary twist on the traditional diamond halo design. The intricate nature of this design has made it super popular amongst celebrities and its popularity is only set to rise.

A beautiful hidden halo style is the Lively ring by Lily Arkwright which is a hidden halo style that comes in the entire range of gemstone cuts and metal varieties, and it features shoulders of conflict-free diamonds set along its shank as well as a four-prong setting, and of course the star of the show, a hidden halo in its gallery.

Coloured Gemstones

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Coloured gemstones are definitely having their moment and are another excellent choice for those seeking a pop of colour in their life. Choosing a coloured gemstone is perfect for those couples who are seeking something slightly more unique and personal.

With a coloured gemstone, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd as people are turning away from the traditional classic look of white diamonds for more colourful counterparts like emeralds, sapphires, coloured moissanite & diamonds, or other gemstones! Chatham is the original leader and architect of the lab-grown coloured gemstone industry.

As no mining is involved in lab-grown gemstone production, customers can be safely assumed that no person or environment was harmed. The cutting-edge technology that allows for lab-grown gemstones is a more ethical choice and displays vibrancy only seen in the very best of lab-grown gems.

Statement Stacks

Making a statement is all the rage this wedding season as we’re seeing bigger, bolder, and brighter wedding bands are seen being stacked up with engagement rings. When it comes to wedding bands, more couples are seeking more unique designs that stand out from the crowd to represent their special commitment to one another.

Lily Arkwright has recently launched a stunning range of statement eternity bands in a range of ethical lab-grown diamonds and moissanite! Who says your wedding ring plays the second fiddle to your engagement ring?

To conclude: If you’d like to find out any more information regarding lab-grown engagement rings and why they might be the right choice for you, visit the Lily Arkwright website or get in contact with one of their expert jewellery consultants via email at or phone 0161 537 6773

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