8 Jobs to Get your Garden Summer Ready

The nights are getting longer and the days are getting warmer – we can smell the barbecue from here!

Now is the perfect time to get your outdoor space in order so that you can enjoy it throughout those sultry summer days and nights – and here’s how.

Get on top of weeds

We’re in the perfect time of year to tackle any weed plants, as they are likely about to start going to seed when the weather turns truly tropical. Eliminating them now means that there’s much less chance of them coming back to ruin next summer, too!

Spruce up furniture

Photo by Askar Abayev

Wooden furniture can be sanded and varnished to bring it back to life while scrubbing plastic ones always makes a difference. If the winter has battered your existing furniture, it may be worth seeking a payday loan alternative to investing in a new set.

Keep the lawn in order

Cold and incessant rain over winter can leave the lawn looking a bit of a state. Regular feed, seed, mowing the lawn, and trim will have it looking lush in no time and allow you those glorious barefoot walks with the blades tickling your toes.

Bring in wildlife

Photo by Frank Cone

A summer garden isn’t complete without the backdrop of birdsong and, no matter where you live, it’s easy to welcome some new friends to your space. Setting up a feeding station will soon see avian acquaintances flock to your spot – even if it’s not immediate, persevere and they will find it!

Add some Colour

Planting out flowers in your borders or even containers can add that summery zest that any outdoor space needs. Our top tip is? Get hold of some hardy geraniums and take good care of them to enjoy a double bloom before the summer is out!

Create a raised bed

Growing your own fruit and veg can add a new dimension to summer barbecues and it’s a great school holiday project if you’ve got kids! Even if a raised bed would take up room, a simply grow bag will be enough to get you going.

Clean patios and decks

Photo by Hai Vu

If you’re a fan of entertaining in the summer months, then you’ll need to make sure that your space for guests is in the best shape possible. Decking, especially, can get a bit treacherous outside of warmer weather, so treating it with a bit of TLC will keep it looking shipshape and help to avoid accidents.

Clear out the shed

Sheds soon accumulate clutter on those winter rainy days, when chucking stuff inside and bolting the door as quickly as possible means that you can escape to the warmth inside the house. Get rid of anything that’s turned grimy in the meantime and consider getting shelves to keep it in an orderly fashion moving forwards.

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