5 Tips For Travelling With A Dog

Being able to travel with your dog is a great experience, giving you the opportunity for adventure with your best friend. To help you be best prepared for travelling with a dog, we’ve put together the following post featuring some tips and suggestions. Keep reading to learn more.

Keeping Your Dog Warm 

If you’re going to be travelling when the temperatures are low, then you should make sure your dog is able to keep warm enough too. Try goYo Pets’ dog heat pads as a simple and effective way to help make sure your dog is warm and comfortable during colder weather.

As well as helping them to stay warm, heat pads are a soothing way to help ease discomfort from aches and pains in older or injured dogs. Make sure your dog has shelter from harsh weather conditions, especially during overnight stops.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

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If you’re going to be travelling to hot places or you’re travelling during the summer months, then you need to make sure you’re prepared on how you’re going to keep your dog cool. Try and avoid travelling or going out into the heat during the middle of the day as this is when the temperature will be highest, and your dog could struggle to cope. Make sure you have a good supply of clean water available for them to drink.

Avoid letting them drink from stagnant water as it could contain harmful bacteria or parasites that could make them ill. Don’t leave your dog in a hot car or any other contained space without cool air and good airflow. As dogs can’t sweat, they can easily become overheated, so be aware of the signs of heatstroke in dogs.

Ask Your Vet About Anti-Sickness Meds

Just like humans, many dogs struggle travelling in vehicles due to motion sickness so it might be necessary to get some anti-sickness medication. This will help to prevent any messy accidents as well as make your four-legged friend more comfortable throughout the journey.

If your dog also gets anxious in vehicles, then your vet may be able to provide tablets that also have a sedative effect to help keep them calm whilst travelling too.

Make Sure They’re Vaccinated 

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

When you’re travelling and meeting new people and other dogs, your dog can be exposed to a lot more viruses and infections than they usually are. It’s always important to make sure your dog has up-to-date vaccinations, but even more so if you plan to travel with them to other countries.

Some countries may require proof that your dog has received certain vaccinations before they are allowed to enter the country, so be sure to research this well ahead of your flight so you have time to arrange a vet appointment.

Update Their Microchip Details 

If you haven’t already done so, then make sure the microchip details of your pet are updated and feature all the information needed. This will help to cut down the risk of your dog becoming lost forever if they happen to wander off whilst you’re travelling. You should also make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag and collar as well.

*This is a collaborative post. 

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