Making Sushi at Home with Kelly Loves Ultimate Kit

It’s not a secret to anyone that I love sushi. I guess it comes from the fact that I grow up in a country that has the biggest Japanese population outside Japan. Yes, in Brazil the Japanese culture is strong.

And we do love the food, the discipline, the lifestyle, the language, and the aesthetics. The truth is that I am obsessed with Japanese culture. And it is always great to learn more and more about it.

It is more likely that I visit a Japanese restaurant than a fast-food place when I go to Brazil. I am quite lucky to have a lovely Japanese takeaway a few minutes from my flat. But I still think it is quite expensive compared to the price of the same (and sometimes better) food in Brazil.

For this reason, I was quite happy to be able to try the Kelly Loves ultimate sushi kit this month. And yes, that was also my first attempt to make sushi from scratch. And I loved it!

So, here is a complete and genuine review of all Kelly Loves products that I have tried this month.

What is Kelly Loves?

To understand the concept of this successful brand, it’s necessary to know who Kelly is first. Kelly Choi is a young Korean entrepreneur who moved to Japan a few years ago to immerse herself in the Japanese culture.

However, it was in Paris when she met the master-of sushi, Yamamoto-san, that she started her adventure in the Japanese food industry.

She persuades Yamamoto to join her company – Sushi Daily – promising to always strive in making the best sushi in the world. She had her chef on board, and together with him, many other chefs joined her successful business venture.

You have already heard of Sushi Daily, right? So, after its success, Kelly Loves was created with the mission of providing the best Asian food to the world.

This is such an inspiring business, and I am glad to introduce Kelly Loves products to you now.

What did I receive?

Oh wow! Where to start? I have presented the most complete kit to prepare sushi in the comfort of your home. The ultimate sushi kit is packed with everything you need to make sushi from scratch. For me, it was a pleasant surprise to get ingredients and tools that can make your cooking adventure more creative.

What is inside the ultimate sushi kit?


Sushi Roll Mat

I do confess I already have one. But it was useful to have an extra bamboo mat to practice how to row like a pro. It is quite easy to use and I do recommend you wrap it up with some plastic film to keep it clean. It is always good to remember, that this mat is the same one used in Kelly’s restaurants across Europe.

Sushi Rice

Let me know something about this sushi rice. I have already bought some sushi rice from supermarkets in this country, and I can guarantee the quality is not the same.

And yes, the most difficult part of getting your sushi right is the rice preparation.  Did I succeed in my first attempt? You can check it on my making my first sushi at home video on YouTube. Please, let me know what you think.

Nori Sheets

Yes, I know you can find nori sheets anywhere. But the truth is that it is quite an expensive product. And I was happy to check the quality of these toasted seaweed sheets provide a subtle flavour and make it easier to roll your sushi together. It also makes a lovely snack, as you know.

 Sushi Vinegar

That’s another product that I like to get from my local Asian market. As you probably heard, I am glad to live in a quite diverse city where we can find ingredients from different cuisines.

But it is not all the time I can visit it, so it was great to have authentic sushi vinegar in my hands to make my own sushi.

Spicy Mayo

Another fine ingredient to give that extra kick to the Japanese meals. Not one of my favourites, but just because I am not the biggest fan of eating mayo with sushi.

But I think it’s always good to have in your hands a mayo with no preservatives on it. My husband likes it, and he says it always helps to enhance the flavours in sushi.

 Sushi Ginger

Here is a product that I always have at home, and I was happy to find it on my ultimate sushi kit too. If you are used to Japanese food, so you know that ginger is a fundamental ingredient to have with it. Its warming flavour and heat provide the perfect wake call for your taste buds.

Crispy Fried Onions

Here is one of my husband’s favourites.  Brought the fried onions into our life some time ago, but I do confess that sometimes I find the supermarket ones a bit mushy. With Kelly Loves one, so far so good.

I guess it is due to the fact is kept in a container and not in a plastic bag. It makes it so easier to use it as well. Especially when you are preparing the sushi and just need to sprinkle it over them. I will reuse this packaging, for sure. And I do love the taste of these crisp shredded onions.  I would buy this product again.


I wish I was a wasabi eater, but this is not the case. I am not keen on horseradish (Japanese or not) anyways. But for those who like the spicy sidekick of its plant, you can find a wasabi paste on this box too.

I like the idea of having it on a tube that I think can be reused as well. It does make less mess, for sure.

Bambo lid Bento Box

If you read this review until here, you probably would guess that I am a big fan of bento boxes too. Yes, you are right. And I am in love with these ones. Bento boxes are the most practical way of carrying your food around.

They are also aesthetically pleasing. And the fact this one is made from high quality and recyclable materials and dishwasher safe; is already a reason to make it one of my favourite products from this box. It is super easy to keep it clean too.

Tofu Miso Soup

As a bonus, I also received this gorgeous packaging of tofu miso soup. Another winner at home. It is not part of the ultimate box, but you can find it on the website.

I love miso soup and it is my to-go-quick meal sometimes. Fresh ingredients and you can also find the ginger flavoured one too.


What did I think of my ultimate sushi box?

I love it. Seriously. Any Japanese food enthusiast would be happy to have this starter kit with you. From the packaging to the concept of making it easy to cook at home. The products are vegan friendly, and it has all nutritional information provided in the packaging and on the website too.

Preparing sushi for the first time was a bit tricky for me. But it was more about getting the rice preparation right. I blame my lack of experience. They didn’t look so good, but they tasted marvelous. And I am ready to practice more.

After all, nailing sushi preparation probably requires a lot of tries. And for this reason, I would recommend the Kelly Loves box to anyone who would love Japanese food and are ready to learn how to do their own.

Kelly Loves does what it is promised – make Japanese and Korean food practical, fun, and tasty.

It is also a great gift for friends and family who loves cooking too.

*I received the product complimentary from Kelly Loves for testing purposes

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