Top Tips to Prepare for that Perfect Skiing Holiday

Now that the majority of the globe has begun to lift their Covid-19 restrictions, there has been an upsurge of people booking holidays abroad. With around two years of people being restricted in their homes and country, people are beginning to start making the choice to get a trip abroad like the good old times. So many people are now doing this that the airline industry and airports are struggling with the demand.

Only in recent weeks, we have seen many cancellations of flights due to the industry not being able to cope with the volume. Not everyone is looking for a holiday by the pool and some are looking to enjoy time skiing in places like France, Italy, or Switzerland. Here are some of the top tips to ensure you prepare for a perfect skiing holiday.

Weather check

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It would be a massive disappointment if you went on a skiing holiday and there was not much snow.  On the other hand, it would also be really poor if you went on holiday and there was a blizzard or storm that prevented you from enjoying yourself. As a result, there are several ways to check this in advance but having a look at the snow forecast from Piste Pro is probably one of the most effective and accurate ways to get an accurate forecast.

This website will let you see the forecast for the area but also the actual height which is important for that skiing. Enter the destination and then the height and it will let you know what snow is forecast to fall, really simple. You can check the details for every hour over the upcoming 24 hours but also some forecasts and commentary around what to expect in the upcoming 15 days.

Hire or bring your own skiing kit?

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Whether or not you hire a skiing kit on holiday or bring your own can be a bit of a dilemma.   Most people that have their own skis will no doubt want to bring these on holiday themselves as it is the ones they will be used to and be comfortable with.

As we all know, skis are not a small piece of equipment, and to try and get these on a plane, they will need to be booked into the cargo (if the plane is the method you are travelling).  As a result, this can be costly therefore important to check out the terms with the airline to see if it would be more cost-effective just to leave these at home and hire your own on arrival.

In addition to this, carrying these about (to and from airports/hotels, etc) is a major inconvenience that should be considered.  On the other hand, depending on where you are going, hiring the full ski outfit, boots and skis can burn a hole in your bank account therefore in advance of travelling make sure you are informed about the best options and potentially shop around.

Check Competition Season

Photo by Jakob Kreinecker

If you are planning to ski yourself or with friends or family, make sure you are aware of the competition seasons at the various locations. The last thing you would want would be to then go on holiday and be unable to actually ski due to the fact that there are competitions on and the areas a restricted for this.  On the other hand, you may actually wish to go and watch some of these competitions therefore just be sure to check this out for the area and time of year on the internet before booking.

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