4 Stag Do Game Ideas You Need to Try at Your Friend’s Party

Stag do parties are always a fantastic time for everyone to bond and celebrate in your best mate’s honour. Whether you’re going for a wild night out, a boozy trip to someplace exciting, or a more civilised party, you need to come up with activities to get the stag do party rolling.

You can try games that can go on for a couple of hours or a quick one to break the ice at the stag do. Regardless, it can get tricky to choose a fun activity to get the entire squad involved.

To help you out, we’ve made a list of hilarious stag do games you need to try to break the ice at the party.

Let’s get started!

A Wizard’s Staff

A Wizard needs to make his staff from something, and what’s better than using cans of beer! You and your friends need to finish the drink and then use that can to build the staff. With every can you add, you grow stronger, so you need to show off your drinking skills here.

The main objective of this game is to get the longest staff, but you can add other rules to make it more interesting. Regardless, don’t throw away your powerful weapon without having a duel with your mates!

You’ll need to bring some tape and cans of beer from the bar to play this game at your mate’s stag do party.

A Heavyweight Champion 

In this stag do game, you have to give the man of the hour i.e. the groom a championship belt to keep in his possession. However, a champion is only as good as his last win, so you and your mates can challenge the groom and try to earn the belt through some challenges.

These challenges could involve activities like chugging a bottle of beer quickly or who can run across the street the fastest. However, the more ridiculous you make these challenges, the more fun you’re bound to have.

Whoever’s holding on to the belt at the end of the night is declared the winner. In other words, it’s time to see who’s the most resilient at the party.

Drunk Jenga

Jenga is a beloved game everyone has played in their childhood, but it’s time to add some twists to it for your stag do party.

Before the party, you need to come up with some ridiculous dares on the bricks that make up the Jenga tower. Try looking to others for inspiration, but keep it a secret for the groom, who is bound to get a surprise at the party.

At the stag, whenever someone takes out a block, they have to complete the task written on it, no matter how difficult it is to carry out. If the tower falls, you will have to finish your drink.

You have the freedom to choose how wild you want these dares to be, making it a perfect recipe for a memorable stag do party.

The Shirt Doodle

It’s time for the groom to give up on the outfit he’s wearing at the party and replace it with a white top. It can be anything from a stylish polo t-shirt, suit, or even a onesie, depending on how wild and humiliating you want to make the activity for the man of the hour.

The outfit is now a canvas for you to doodle your ridiculous messages and drawings. Get everyone involved and let them show their creativity to make the groom look as ridiculous as possible.

Whether he chooses to keep it as a memorable souvenir or throw it into the trash can, make sure to take pictures of him wearing it.

To Sum Up

A stag do is always an entertaining event that marks the beginning of your friend’s new journey and a final goodbye to an old one. That’s why he’s bound to have a good time as he spends some time with his closest friends.

However, make sure to make it as memorable as possible, whether it may be through drinks or humiliating him. While we’ve only listed a few stags do game ideas, you can make some fun activities yourself.

No matter what you choose, you’re bound to have a stag do party you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

*This is a collaborative post. 

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