Kitchen Essentials for Students in Uni

 I know the end of the summer holidays is not time soon, but it will be soon time to prepare for the return to studies.

Because of this, many young people begin their independence from the family home and move to points closer to their university or colleges, usually located in capitals and cities like where I live, in Birmingham.

Students about to live alone for the first time usually have no idea what to buy for the dorm or home where they will live.

In my opinion, everyone should start thinking about the kitchen first – after all, this is probably the place you will spend more time when you are not studying.

Thinking about space optimisation is also important. Especially if you live alone in a dorm. Some of them are not very spacious. So, it would help if you got only what is necessary.

Lucky for you, students, it is easy to find the most outstanding equipment for your kitchen nowadays. You can always bet on quality and safety which will be of great help in the day-to-day.

This is a list of the items that you cannot miss to become a respectable adult or someone who wants practically at home. You can’t let your mom visit and start scolding you for not having something as basic as these kitchen accessories.

If you are looking for some new useful matches for your kitchen, you came to the right place! I believe you will need some help finding essential utensils and tools for the whole house. Here we share the essential tools for any kitchen.

Double Walled Tumbler


As a student, you always need items to be kept fed and watered as head back to the halls. From eco-friendly water bottles that reduce single-use plastic to crockery that won’t break the bank, here’s some inspiration for gift ideas and essentials.

One of my favourites is this double-walled tumbler. It’s quite useful and perfect for hot and cold drinks on the go. Whether you are studying in front of your computer or heading to the local library.

The pure green new black design is just too cool and inspiring. The Green is the New Black range combines a stunning pattern with a powerful message about the environment, a must-have for the eco-conscious.

Bamboo Fibre Lunch Box

We’ve all been there. Being a student who lives by yourself means saving money all the time.  And when it comes to food, you know most of the days will be about avoiding expensive lunches and saving money on food bills.

For this reason, having a bamboo fibre lunch box to keep food warm when you are on the campus, canteen or on your way to the Uni is quite essential.

I love the colours and it’s eco-friendly and stylish as they are practical, keeping food fresh and contained on the go.

12-Piece Dinner Set

Here is the present that every parent and family member should consider giving to every young person who is about to move and live by themselves.

The Living Grey 12 Piece Dinner Set is stylish, made from strong, chip-resistant stoneware, and I just love it. It’s so practical and easy to store.

This set is a perfect solution for your daily cooking and will make your dinner parties more fun. And of course, it’s a microwave-safe set, so you will make the most of it.

Monochrome Chopping Board

You must admit that a chopping board are an essential tool in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring chef or someone with no cooking skills.

For this reason, I would recommend you have this gorgeous monochrome chopping board that also works as a practical serving board.

I quite love its compact size, fitting in cupboards of size kitchens. The board is etched with chevron detail to tie in with the extended monochrome range, which features strong block colours and has designed detailing throughout.

*I received the product complimentary from Typhoon for testing purposes

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