Best Jewellery and Accessories to Wear at the Office

Now that many people are back in the offices, we kind of start to get into the routine of investing in clothes and accessories to get used to the corporative world again. 

Jewellery is the kind of accessory that can literally make any occasion debut more stylish. Whether it’s a more serious or more relaxed occasion, a dinner for two or as a family, you can always pick your favourite pieces for every situation.

How about starting to choose pieces to wear in the office? After all, it will be at your workplace that you will probably spend more part of your week.

Let’s talk about which jewellery accessories can be worn every day. Our image consists of teeny tiny details, among other things, to show how presentable you are.

Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring is arguably the dearest choice for many people. The rings are perfect simply because they are unique, each has its own style that adds to the personality of those who are wearing it.

They can be adorned with several different precious gems, such as rubies and Sapphires, but the most distinct are those with diamonds. Similarly, they can also be made of different materials such as yellow gold, white or rose gold.


Here is my favourite piece of jewellery for any occasion. Who doesn’t like a stylish pair of gold earrings as an easy-to-wear option to match other gold jewellery and have a touch of lightness and agility?

Besides making a super positive impression. They are jewellery that can be worn every day, with several different looks. You can always choose a nice ring following the patterns of your new pair of earrings to give that special touch to the chosen composition.


Photo by Rene Asmussen

Pearls are a kind of timeless accessory. They have a unique charm that brings an elegant and sophisticated touch to the outfit.

They are a great option to wear with a suit or blazers, for example.

And if you perfect in make will get even better! I do recommend you search for the types of Pearls that match your personality to make it your new favourite piece of jewellery.


Photo by THE 5TH

I know most people use mobile phones for everything nowadays, including checking the time. It may have made our daily life easier, but it will never be as stylish as a beautiful watch.

This accessory, in addition to being functional, completes the look chosen for the working day and brings seriousness and class to your look of the day.

It is also very versatile and can match both dresses and models of pants and jackets. At the same time, the watches match the use of other jewellery.

Gold Chains

Photo by Sunsetoned

What can be more elegant than an elegant gold chain? What about adding a delicate pendant to it?

These are the indispensable type of jewellery, being the only piece it leaves the look complete and charming.

It has a unique shine, usually made with a super fun design, and quirky style to your work outfits every single day of the week.

Chains of different types are ideal as bracelets as well. They can be thin or medium-thick, as well as with minimalist pendants. You can combine multiple strings into it. Choosing bracelets with small gems, for example.

*This is a collaborative post. 

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