Planning A Weekend Away

Weekends away can often be underrated, from a city break to a hideaway detox, you can come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the week! Although your weekend trip isn’t long, it can still be difficult to plan as there are often so many things that you may want to see or do, but not enough time to do them! Here are our top tips for planning a weekend away, to make sure you still come back with some money in the bank and have been able to do everything that you wanted to do!

Set a budget

It is always best to create a budget before going on your trip, so you know how much money you can afford to spend whilst you are there. This should be split into activities, food, shopping, and even souvenir money. Whilst a weekend away is often a chance to feel free and not have a care in the world, you don’t want to come back to no money for the rest of the month! Although it is great to treat yourself, keep an eye on your spending.

Book in advance

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It is important to book in advance for any activities or restaurants that you want to visit, in order to secure the right dates and times that you want. This can also ensure that you are able to visit all the attractions that you want to view, as they often become fully booked. When it comes to accommodation, you can often secure a better deal if you don’t book last minute – so have a good shop around for all of your options well in advance. If you are eligible, Premier Inn offers an NHS discount code, which you could take advantage of.

Choose your destination

When choosing a weekend away, make sure you are careful about the destination that you choose, as you will not have much time there. Take into account the travel time and weigh up if the journey is worth it – it may be better to go for a longer trip if it takes a while to get to the destination, so you get more time to enjoy the sites and attractions that your destination has to offer!

Make a plan

Photo by Mohammad Danish

Having a plan can help you make use of all the time that you have away – as your weekend break is short it’s important that you are organised and don’t waste time thinking of things to do! Making a plan for each day can help you decide what to pack, help you budget, and also get you in the holiday spirit – and give you something to look forward to!

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