4 Best Family-Friendly Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Have you been thinking and thinking about where you and your family should go for your winter holidays this year but nothing has managed to spark your excitement?

It might sound like it is too early to start planning for family ski holidays, but parents have to do their research and ensure that the city and the accommodation unit that they will choose in the end satisfy their own, and most importantly, their kids’ needs. In other words, they have to find a place that has events and options especially designed for both kids and adults.

We have compiled a list of awesome ski resorts in Switzerland which know exactly what families need in order to have a great time. Are you ready to discover your next winter holiday destination?

Resort 1: Zermatt

Photo by Scott McIntosh

When you search for ski resorts in Switzerland, the Zermatt ski resort is the first one that comes up. It is on the Matterhorn mountain, which belongs to the Alps, the highest mountain range in Europe. Matterhorn is widely known for its pyramid-like shape. Zermatt has gained worldwide recognition because it is the perfect resort for groups of skiers of different levels. The great number of green, blue, black, and red pistes will fill up the days of beginner, intermediate and experienced skiers. All parents have to do is book their accommodation and ski passes on Erna Low in advance because otherwise, it is very likely that the resort will be full.

Resort 2: Saas Fee

Saas Fee is one of the first names that come to mind when the subject of family-friendly resorts in the whole world comes up. It is a lot quieter than Zermatt, but it has many pistes so that everyone, no matter their age or their prior skiing experience, can find a run that is just perfect for them. Although it is known as a family-friendly resort with many on- and off-piste activities specially designed for kids, parents, and adults can relax and recharge by going for a drink or for shopping therapy at the picturesque villages all around the mountains.

Resort 3: Wengen

Wengen is another famous ski resort that is ideal for families. Whether you visit it in winter or in summer, there are a plethora of activities that you can do in order to have the best time of your life. Skiing on impressive pistes or going hiking, visiting beautiful neighbouring villages and ski resorts, such as Grindelwald and Kleine Scheidegg, and wandering around the village are things that you must do in Wengen.

Resort 4: Arosa

Photo by Valentine Kulikov

Arosa is included in the ski resorts that have the family-friendly label. The Arosa Bear Sanctuary and the Squirrel trail are the main two reasons that both kids and adults are more than excited to visit Arosa. Besides the close contact with animals, skiing, ice skating on frozen lakes, and strolling around the quiet and picturesque snow-sure town centre are activities that guarantee peace and relaxation to all its visitors.

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