4 Off the Beaten Path Must See Places In Halkidiki

Summer is here and many of us have already started to look for our next holiday destination. The answer is actually pretty clear: Halkidiki is one of the biggest peninsulas in Greece and it’s famous because of its trident shape.

There are so many things that someone can do on his vacation in Halkidiki because in this place you can reach as beautiful crystal blue beaches as natural beauties in the hills and mountains.

One another reason why the Halkidiki is the perfect summer destination is because of the hidden places that someone can look for them. If you want to see all those secret gems of Halkidiki, it might be the best decision of your life. Another tip that you must keep in mind is that the best way to explore all these places is via an e-bike tour that is provided by ebikehalkidiki.com. So don’t miss the chance and give it a try.

If you are interested in what these places are, you are on the right page. Keep reading and you will find the 4 beaten paths of Halkidiki.

Kavourotrypes beach

The first place that someone must visit in Halkidiki is the Kavourotrypes beach which is a small, orange, and beautiful beach for everyone. It’s like a small hidden paradise in Halkidiki and the beach is separated into two beaches. The one the only organized beach in Kavourotripes and you can find a beach bar there. On the north side of Kavourotrypes, you can visit by walking, the other wonderful beach which is more isolated without so many people.

Bahia beach

The second hidden beautiful beach that you can reach on Halkidiki is Bahia beach. This beach is a nice place and it’s located near Zografou beach. There you can find a bar and it’s a place where young people love to hang out and enjoy a cold drink in this beautiful view. This place is one of the most perfect places for snorkeling and scuba diving because the waters are getting deeper and deeper. If you decide to visit this place you might have the opportunity to find a party atmosphere with loud music and an amazing view of the sunset.

The Goa beach

Another beautiful hidden gem of Halkidiki is the Goa beach. This beach is a small beach near Sarti and is famous because of the picturesque scenery. It’s a sandy beach and you can admire an amazing view of Athos mountain. The only thing that you have to pay more attention to, is the fact that the beach tends to catch the winds and this causes waves. So be careful if the weather is windy and don’t try to snorkel near the rocks of the beach.

Varvara waterfalls

The last hidden place of Halkidiki is the Varvara waterfalls. The Varvara waterfalls are hidden in a beautiful forest in Varvara Halkidiki. The two waterfalls in that place are named “ Aggelousi”. The first waterfall is visible from above, and the second one is even more beautiful because you will be able to feel the rush of the water and you will admire a wonderful view.

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