Easy Finder PAJ GPS Tracking Device Review

I do confess that I never thought about the many different uses of a GPS tracking device. After all, we tend to have pretty much a limited idea about this kind of tech gadget.

The truth is that GPS in general includes several options that can be quite useful, such as live services, intelligent route calculation, lane change assistant, and anti-theft systems.

You just need to choose one with a practical tracking system, clear information, and real-time updates.

I particularly find GPS devices a quite useful tool for keeping pets and elderly people under your radar and safe.

I personally never had a physical GPS tracker before, but I feel it would be a great device to be used when I am going for my walks or to track my luggage when I travel abroad.

But which models can be the right ones? The devices are distinguished by design and the tasks to be solved: personal and car trackers.

This month, I am testing the Easy Finder PAJ GPS Tracker device. A model that can do the whole job: track vehicles, people, pets, and personal belongings.

Here are my thoughts about Easy Finder and the many features of PAJ.

What is Easy Finder GPS?

To start with, PAJ is a top German brand with vast experience in the GPS Tracking sector. The company produces to-technology used to track devices, also offering an advanced finder portal for making it easier for us.

PAJ GPS bets on the easiest configurations to use tracker devices with an advanced finder. With Easy Finder PAJ you can track and monitor vehicles in real-time through a single finder portal on your mobile or computer.

When we talk about vehicles it includes trucks, cargo, taxis, motorbikes, and agricultural types of machinery too.

It is also perfect for tracking your routes when hiking, and your stop points and easily sharing the current location with authorities in case of emergencies. Pretty impressive, no?

What comes in the box?


Together with your GPS tracking, you get:

  • Charger – Adapter and USB cable
  • Bag to protect and carry around
  • M2M SIM card (already in your Finder)
  • Get access to the FINDER-Portal of PAJ GPS (subscription required)

What did I think about it?

To be honest, the Easy finder 4G is a quite practical device. It comes with all instructions that you need to make the most of it. It is a compact device, and the battery last longer than expected.

It is supposed to last for 7 days, but its standby mode is a quite intelligent way of saving battery, and after using the device for two weeks, I still have my battery on 75%.

I wanted to test the Easy Finder in two specific situations that would be quite useful for me: to track my routes during long walks and with a suitcase on long flight hauls.

A couple of days ago, we went for a walk in some woods nearby and I was quite happy with the test. I was able to check the map and track my journey during and after finishing my walk.

This way, it was easy now to find new routes or follow the saved ones on my app throughout the finder portal.  It gives the precise locations in real-time that are saved for the last 100 days.

For me, it is quite interesting to save the route in case we get lost in the woods. Also, it was easy to set up and use the Finder Portal to track my journey. I found it quite accurate when showing its location too.

My husband found it also useful to find the car in the car park. For being a quite discrete device, it’s perfect to be left in the car or carried in your bag for security reasons.

Overall, I think Easy Finder is quite an effective device. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to track their cars, objects, children, and elderly people when they are outdoors. It’s a safe mode of not only keeping an eye on them without being intrusive as well.

*I received the product complimentary from PAJ for testing purposes

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