How to Organise Your Finances as a Student

One of the most challenging aspects of the student’s life is managing the finances when you live by yourself.

The good news is that the sooner you learn how to manage your finances, the better the sound financial decision-making in the future. And the university is the ideal place for young students to learn how to manage their finances.

Therefore, to make it happens it is important to have efficient financial planning, which allows you to maintain a satisfactory quality of life and bear the expenses of higher education.

It can be a challenging task considering some students are not working full time or don’t have independence when it comes to money organisation, which includes those in higher education.

I know that the university period can be tight for many people when it comes to finances.

However, when a student learns to take care of their budget, it is possible to better reconcile the resources available with day-to-day expenses, even if they do not have much income at the end of the month.

Thinking about it, I want to share some important financial planning tips for living the Uni lifetime without extra headaches:

Planning and Paying Attention to Details

From a projection of your expenses, you can plan for the following months, establishing priorities and limiting expenses.

So, make detailed notes of your entire cost of living — including transportation, rent, food, home and college bills, health, and leisure — over a given period, so you can estimate how much you spend in that time and, be able to get organised.

As expenses can vary by period, it is advisable to keep a spreadsheet updated monthly with all the numbers. In this way, it is possible to identify excesses and design adjustments when necessary.

Count on Student Loans

It’s quite possible that way before you go to University or college, you already started to search for student loan resources to help organise your educational life.

It’s always good to search for guidelines with things you should know about student loans before joining the Uni.

And it will be important to find a way of paying your debts off without compromising other expenses and your lifestyle in general.

You can search for student loans on to find out more about which one suits you best.

Apps to Track Your Expenses

There is nothing more practical than an app to help you out with finances. In the College or University, a financial app will help you to track expenses, and outflows.

To manage your money in the best way, analyse the information you put in the app — some divide spending by categories and generate graphs. Some people still do this control on paper or in spreadsheets, but apps make this task much easier.

To keep a close eye on your finances, you should write down your income and all your expenses. At first, it can be difficult, but then the habit is consolidated, and you will see how useful it is. Good planning is the key rule of financial organisation for college students.

Keep Track of your Savings

I know that it can be a difficult task.  When we are students, we don’t have too much cash to save.

But if you have good spending control of your money, and always have something left to save at the end of the month, it can a good idea to reserve a portion of your income to save.

The emergency reserve is a necessity for anyone. After all, we can never rely entirely on the stability of our finances. That’s why having an emergency plan is so important. What’s saved today can be used to get you out of trouble in a few months.

Control Your Food Budget

This is a common dilemma for all students out there. How much money should we be spending on food? Can we find ways of avoiding extra expenses on what we eat during the Uni years?

On the subject, it is necessary to have a lot of awareness not to lose money with superfluous items that are offered on every corner and in a tempting way for those who are in a heavy study routine.

The temptation to eat out every time possible is also another difficult task to deal with.

The truth is that we can make a few changes that will certainly help you to control your expenses with food and do your Uni food shop on a budget.

Avoid spending in college canteens and cafeterias, and buy only the necessary of these places. As far as possible, prepare your own snacks at home, which will even help you to have a healthier, in addition to economical eating

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