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With summer at its peak, there are some pieces that become essential to assemble looks that are fresh and stylish to face the days of high temperatures and that can be easily found in the wardrobe.

I quite like the idea of recycling pieces and get inspired to put together some new looks. But I particularly think that less is more.

I do believe that with the right key pieces, we can make the most of it, and combine each other to the idea that we have much more clothes in the wardrobe than the one we actually have.

This month, I have picked some items from the Wickle Free Collection and the August new collection to renovate my wardrobe, have a suitcase-ready style, and enjoy the summer.

What is Cotton Traders?


As I always do in all my reviews, I like to know a bit more about the brand. Born in the late 80s, Cotton Traders is an English clothing retailer that sells clothing and footwear collection for men and women.

They offer sizes to suit you, colourful quality pieces, style, and comfort in diverse collections.

With this introduction, I don’t need to say I was quite excited to check the pieces that I have chosen.

It was a good surprise to check the whole catalogue too – which is a nice touch and makes it easy for people of all ages to buy their pieces, online or offline.

What did I choose?

I got four different pieces between clothing and accessories. All of them thinking about my travel journeys through this Summer and Autumn. Here are my picks:

Comfort Cropped Trousers

If you know me, you already saw me wearing cropped trousers. They are my to-go piece for any trip and day out in the summer. This piece is made of 100% cotton.

I have picked a colour ink piece and I found it a very comfortable piece that has a comfortable jersey rib elasticating to the back waistband.

Being a versatile piece, such as jeans, brings more functionality and practicality to the looks, being able to transform them into casual or even more elegant.

Coast-To-Coast Waterproof Hooded Jacket

A waterproof jacket is a key piece in my wardrobe that I love most. It’s versatile and practical.

This Detachable 3-piece hood that poppers on and off easily Is my ultimate piece for the end of the summer when the days are not so warmer, and you need something light to wear in the evening.

If you are interested in fashion, you must have noticed that this monochromatic piece is perfect to deliver an urban look.

I have picked the navy one, but you can also find it in pink.

Waterproof Bucket Hat

I do confess that I wasn’t a bucket-hat kind of person until I needed to wear a hat on a quite hot day. Since then, I think it is an essential piece in my bag when I go for a walk or spend a lot of time in the sun.


The truth is that bucket hat has been making the biggest success in the gringo summer, colourful and vibrant pieces are however and help to commend looks with a super cute vibe.

I love this waterproof one for fitting perfectly to me, keeping steady in the head even when we face unpredictable British weather. It’s quite stylish as well.

Air-Tech Mesh Cut-Out Walking Boots

Another winner in the summer: a walking pair of boots. I do quite a lot of hiking during the year. And I invest in quality footwear for obvious reasons.

Choosing your hiking boot is perhaps the most important decision you make when preparing for a trip.

Boots can, if poorly chosen, ruin your walk! Remember that your feet do all the hard work for you and should be treated with affection – they need to be healthy, happy, and bubble-free throughout the time of your trip or walk.

These air-tech walking boots are a life changer. It creates fully supportive shoes that are fundamental for a long walk. They are comfortable, durable and stylish.

Check Cotton Traders for more details.

*I received the product complimentary from Cotton Traders for testing purposes

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