3 Best Screen Recording Software For Travel Bloggers

Today, it’s not a rare thing to find a travel blog on social media or simply in Google search results. Almost every traveler strives to share with the world their photos and video content that were taken during the trip. To occupy this niche and attract the maximum number of followers, you will have to come up with the zest that will distinguish you from other travel bloggers.

In this article, we won’t explain how to start a travel blog, find your audience, or promote your account. We’ll talk briefly about the tools you’ll need for your travel blog, specifically the best screen recorders. Let’s go!

Why Does Your Travel Blog Need Such A Tool?

Let us first provide you with some background information about a screen recorder (if you’ve never used such an application before). Such a program enables you to take clear screenshots and record your screen. It’s an essential component of the workflow for some users so it’s important to pick screen recording software that has a user-friendly interface and enough functionality.

How can a screen recorder be useful for a travel blogger? In fact, the answer lies on the surface, and there can be numerous applications for such a tool — especially if you create much video content for your travel blog.

For instance, using such an app, you can record your PC screen with a city map open and describe the route, record and create detailed guides to places of interest. What if you open up Google Maps and provide viewers with a virtual tour? Using the screen recorder, you can explain in detail how to book tickets on a particular site. There are numerous ways to use such an app. It’s a critical tool for content creation as video editing software, intro maker, photoshop, microphone, background music, and so on.

Which Screen Recording Software To Use For A Travel Blog?

And so, we moved on to the main topic of our article, namely the best screen recording software for travel blogs. We will list three of the most easy-to-use, proven, and high-quality applications that deserve your attention. The choice is yours.

Movavi Screen Recorder

For those seeking an intuitive interface and useful app, the screen recorder by Movavi is the ideal choice. The required set of functions is integrated with an easy-to-use interface, and two modes are available for you —screenshots and screen recording. This desktop recording program can be used to record video conference calls, screen activity, webcam video, system sound, or your mic only.

This application is compatible with both Windows and macOS. You can easily record the full screen, part of the screen, or certain windows. It all depends on your specific goals. The program gives users a variety of video editing features and a vast selection of video formats, making it appropriate for both professionals and non-professionals.

Moreover, a 7-day free trial is available. After that, you can purchase the program for a fairly low price. It’s worth noting that (during the free trial period) your final videos will have a watermark, and, before sharing a video on YouTube, you can’t edit the description or tags. On the company’s website, you can find all the necessary information on using the app and contact the support team (if needed).


You can use Camtasia to produce high-quality video material for your travel blog. This feature-rich product has an impressive set of tools for both video editing and screen recording. It can help you record your screen, capture screenshots, make travel guides, and much more with a click of a button. If desired, you can record the entire screen, or required fragment/part, or a window only. It is also possible to record audio from your computer. The recording quality is quite high. You can add various effects and text in the process. Both Windows and macOS users can get the app.

The developers provide a free trial period as well. You must pay, though, if you want to use this screen recorder on an ongoing basis. Although no one is surprised by this now. It’s pretty appropriate for business use, but you’ll need to spend some time to properly grasp the features.


VEED’s Video Desktop Recorder and Chrome Screen Recorder are fully-featured screen recorders that come in both free and paid versions. Unlike other screen recorders, you can directly click the “start recording” and record your webcam without even creating an account. They are easy to use for pros and beginners alike. Packed with features that will help you create professional-looking videos. You can use VEEDs audio recording feature to capture audio from your microphone and other sources such as iTunes or Spotify. You can also record videos from webcams, desktop monitors, and software applications.


You may easily record the entire screen using Bandicam. It’s easy to utilize this screen recorder. It just needs to be downloaded from the official website, set up, and used after you have done everything. This product contains characteristics similar to those of the programs indicated above. You may quickly record audio, take screenshots of the required area of the screen, use the scheduled recording feature, and many other things.

The program has good optimization and a large selection of settings — you can change whatever you want — quality, codec, FPS, recording format, and video resolution. In addition, the developers offer the free version but with certain restrictions — a watermark and a limited duration of the recording. But you always have the opportunity to buy this soft and delight your travel blog subscribers with high-quality video content.

Final Words

Blogging takes a lot of time if you want to shoot well and make engaging content. No one will watch a boring video with dry facts or a shaky video with poor editing and sound. If you want to get some profit on your travel blog, the preparation of material will take almost all your time.

Moreover, you will need to buy the necessary software and hardware — video editors, a camera, a headset, a tripod, a powerful laptop, etc. One post a month or two is unlikely to bring any income. Therefore, approach the content creation process for your travel blog thoroughly and use all the possibilities of modern technologies.

Undoubtedly, the modern market offers a great variety of screen recording software. Many bloggers actively use such tools in video making process. Such apps are especially popular with bloggers from the gaming niche. Why not start using a screen recorder for your travel blog? We have listed three easy-to-use software that will benefit your video content.

We wish you all the best and unforgettable impressions!










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