Top Things to Do in Dubai

Since I have watched Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, I have found a lot of reasons to visit Dubai. There is something in the desert scenes that captivated me. I can’t help it. My husband is a skyscraper enthusiast. So, I don’t need to explain why he would like to pass through Dubai one day.

But way before we decide to book Dubai holidays, I am already putting together my must-see and do list for when visiting this famous tourist spot.

The truth is that the main tourist destination of the United Arab Emirates has been reinventing itself and attracting more and more visitors. While the most delightful reasons to visit Dubai pop on my computer screen, I decided to go a bit further and share my thoughts on what we should visit in Dubai that including much more than just visiting the stunning Burj Khalifa.

Museum of the Future


I don’t know about you, but I am addicted to futuristic museums and art galleries. The Museum of The Future is a recent addition to the city of Dubai. Something that I would love to visit. Not just for its exhibitions, but also for its fascinating architectural design.

A space to inspire people, starting with its futuristic design its facade is a canvas for the poetry of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum rendered in the calligraphy of Mattar bin Lahej.

This iconic museum offers exhibitions, immersive theatre, and themed attractions. Each floor is like a film set in the future that you can inhabit, explore, and interact with. I can’t wait to visit it.

Desert Gateway

Photo by Majid:


Have you ever thought about exploring the desert without leaving a big city? It is possible in Dubai.

From spending a magical night sleeping in a nomadic desert tent to a safari trip, the desert getaway should be part of the must-do activity in your visit to this fascinating capital.

At night, the desert is completely different and offers another atmosphere, almost dreamlike.

In the morning, you can travel through the desert in a comfortable 4×4 to discover the desert accompanied by an experienced driver. Or you can even see the dunes from a completely different point of view, climbing in a hot air balloon.

Emirati Food Indulgence

Photo by Denys Gromov


I guess it’s obvious that you should leave Dubai without trying the local food. The best way of doing it is to visit the Global Village to have a culinary feast.

You can pick from fine dining to fast food and make the most of the emeriti food. In the global village, you can find all kinds of street food from anywhere in the world for a good price.

I heard that there are even find stalls from different countries in addition to the food court. It’s a paradise for tourists. And if you want to try the traditional Emirati food, there are plenty of restaurants spread in the whole city serving the best local food.

And of course, don’t forget to try the traditional Arabic coffee that is always served in a quite inquisitive way. No trip to Dubai is complete without having its full Arabic-coffee experience.

Hatta Dome Park Experience


Photo by Lina Kivaka

Hatta is an inland exclave of the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. As glamping is my thing, and I would love to do it in Dubai too. The Hatta Dome Experience is without a doubt, the best luxury way of spending overnights in the domes in the company of panoramic views of the Hajar mountains.

A perfect eco-friendly tour to stay connected with nature in a quite glamorous way. Hatta offers plenty of sports activities for people of all ages. But the best attractions include visiting the Hatta Green Lake and the Hatta dam.

Photos: Visit Dubai

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