Why is Prague one of the Most Beautiful Cities in Europe?

It is widely known: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, in the world of tourism, it is also true, that when you have seen enough cities on one continent, there are things that you can compare, all of them, to base your judgment. And if you do so, with other European cities, you have to come to the conclusion that Prague is right up there. Let’s explain why.

Prague: A City with a Soul

Photo by Julius Silver

If you have been to New York and Los Angeles, you know what it means for a city to have a soul. It doesn’t mean that you will like them, but there are additional sensations that you feel coming off from these cities. If I chose these two American cities, it is because they are opposite in many ways. In New York, the city is alive in an electric kind of way, whereas in Los Angeles, you feel like the city cradles you with the “good life.” I won’t lie, one of these cities rub me the right way and the other not so much. 

In Europe, there are two cities for me that possess a magical feeling: Prague and Budapest. But they are also both completely different from one another. Prague is like Sleeping Beauty. There is deep, attractive darkness to the city, filled with the most beautiful and welcoming people.

Crossing the Charles Bridge, visiting the small world inside the Castle… There are so many things to do in Prague. All its streets are directly out of the imagery of a fairy tale. One that will haunt you forever, as you recall the memories of unique beauty, that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. As for Budapest, it is the reverse of Prague: a white fairy tale, yet not as welcoming. 

Prague: A City that offers All that Tourists need

Photo by Cristian Salinas Cisternas

When you go and spend a few days in a European city, there are a few things you expect. First, there have to be quality amenities. Although Prague has this charming old look, all it has to offer is modern and convenient.

You will find some of the nicest hotels and B&B, all around town. The second thing you hope for is good food. That is something you will find in abundance. For pastry lovers, the Trdelník should do the trick, and the Guláš is the perfect meal for a cool evening out on the town.

Also, it is well known that tourists like to do a little shopping. You will find artisanal shops, as well as the main international brands, all located in the center of town. 

But what a city needs more than anything, is the capacity to please the eyes. And Prague can do so, like none other.

The main square is simply spectacular. If you happen to catch it before Christmas, with its large Christmas tree and all the kiosks, you will feel like celebrating it, right away.

Of course, the Astronomical Clock, located on a street nearby, is something everyone talks about to their friends when they get back home. No doubt, Prague has everything a tourist needs to be satisfied. 

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