The Benefits of Having a Portable Air Cooler

On the hottest days, everything you want is to find a way to cool off. Sometimes, we can go to the beach, buy a swimming pool, or even walk around the block. But let’s face it: if you’re indoors or at work, it’s essential to have comfort on hot days, isn’t it?

Sometimes, having an air conditioner is not an option. Especially when we think about the price and maintenance to keep it.

An economical alternative that doesn’t use as much energy as a portable air cooler. Oh, and they do reduce the feeling of heat by keeping the air moist and fresh.

These are perfect products to renew the air and lower the temperature. They have many benefits. Among many advantages, it is highly beneficial for the health of those who remain in the environment. So, here are other benefits of investing in a portable air cooler.

Low Maintenance

As it is portable, it does not require expenses with installation work and still consumes less electrical energy, reaching up to 90% savings.

If your home is relatively small — or workplace, a portable air conditioner is a perfect solution and more than enough for your cooling needs. You can keep it easily at home, which makes the device a good match for saving space.

It’s Portable

With wheels and handles for displacement, it allows the device to be easily transported to different rooms in your home or office. If you wish, you can also put it in the car and travel with your device.

Energy Saving

When it comes to electricity, air conditioning is considered a villain of the electric bill, isn’t it? In this aspect, the air cooler has a great advantage, since it has low consumption, up to nine times more economical than an air conditioner, compared to a 9,000 BTU device in a 10 m² environment.

Purify the Air

The air cooler is recommended for those who have respiratory problems because, in addition to maintaining the balance of humidity in the air, it prevents the spread of microorganisms in the air.

It’s Affordable

Those who opt for a portable air conditioner also point to economic reasons. They are a good alternative to central air conditioning systems, which can be expensive to run. On days when you only need to cool down one or two rooms, these appliances are more than competent at their job.

3 in 1

Did you know that some air coolers are quite versatile?

Sometimes you can get Three appliances in one: the portable air cooler works for cooling, but some models also have other very convenient functions, serving to dehumidify and purify, as if it were a dehumidifier or air purifier.

The allergy sufferers also have some difficulty being comfortable in these environments. These features together, then, create a rather unpleasant environment.

Get rid of heat and humidity while circulating air with a portable air conditioner. Some models even have a dehumidifying-only mode, so you can use the device even when you don’t need refrigeration.

*This is a collaborative post

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