How to Decorate Your Office on a Budget

Your new business is settled. But you need to think about how to decorate your office without blowing your budget.

Everybody knows that an office should be a reserved corner and should be attractive, functional, and comfortable. But if the money is short, how to set up a functional and beautiful office without spending too much?

Bring Your Own Stuff

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That’s exactly what I mean – using your own stationery or office items can be a good alternative to save money.

If you like to decorate and have a keen eye when decorating the home office helps a lot. So, why not keep an eye on house objects that can be used in your office?

You can bring your own mugs, pen holders, and everything else that is left at home and can be reused at the office. It can be the right moment to be creative and start to fill the space with a bit of personality.

Reuse Furniture

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The same tip works with furniture. We all have a chair that is forgotten in the bedroom. That chair that we usually use to clutter clothes worn during the week. You know what I mean.

This works perfectly for those who like to decorate without spending too much! I know that having a new office can be a bit challenging. Especially if you are moving from one office to another!

If you have useless furniture in your old office and need to remove quickly everything that needs to go, Abacus Office Clearance offers professional office clearance services to help you out in this arduous task.

Invest in Storage Boxes

I love using new spaces at home and it wouldn’t be different when it comes to organising my office.

The truth is that storage can be a quite practical and affordable solution to ensure a professional-looking office.

And if stationery boxes are out of your budget, you can always improvise them with boxes that you have at home. Be creative and use your imagination when decorating them.

Use Your Walls

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Every time I visit a new space, I usually check the wall decors out to see what people normally use to decorate their offices. I don’t like to be intrusive, but there are some great ideas out there.

And I have noticed that decorating the walls is a thing!

In addition, to save money, you may need to invest in the little spaces in your office to give it a new look! You can replace shelves and slates to take advantage of this space to hang and organise things.

Have you thought about having a pegboard on the wall? It is not only super affordable but is serves to organize all those little office accessories that are messing up the table.

Spend Your Budget on a Nice table

A quality, spacious and funky table (or tables in case you have a big team) can be a good investment.

So, don’t think twice before buying the table of your dreams for the office. It will work as a business card and be the reason employers like to work with you.

It is the main furniture in the office. But if the budget is tight, you can always rely on second-hand shops to find a perfect match for you.

There are plenty of items to be reused in these shops. If you like to DIY, you can also work on building your own brand-new table.  The creativity is limitless!

*This is a collaborative post.

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