Top Gifts to Students Going to the Uni

September has come! And we all have a niece, nephews, cousins, siblings, or best friends that are about to begin the university journey.

It’s quite a big deal for those students. Some of them are not starting the path for their future, but also leaving their hometown to live some miles away from families and friends.

Going to a new city, a completely new environment, to start an independent life. If you have ideas to give help or reward to one of these young people, this is our chance to make their transition a bit more special.

So, why not put together a gift guide with the best gifts you can give to a student about to start their academic life?  Here are my suggestions:


Let’s be honest, this would be the first present to come to your mind when you think about students.

With so many books, notebooks, laptops, and stationery to carry around, a sturdy backpack with the appropriate size and style, is a great option for a gift.

You just need to make sure to look for the one that best suits the personality of whoever wants to give a gift.

Thinking about style, this Canva pullup backpack would be my first pick. A quite sturdy backpack crafted from durable canvas and genuine cowhide leather.

You have a spacious interior to fit all your study supplies, and the quick access pocket in the front and a zippered slot in the back make it perfect for those who don’t want to waste time.

You know, students are always in a hurry. It is a stylish backpack, and it can also be used on short trips and weekend getaways.

Coffee Infuser

What comes to your mind when you think about waking up early during your Uni life? These people need gallons of coffee (and tea) to survive long days of lectures, and long nights preparing essays (and sometimes partying around- why not!)

Thinking about it, I can’t think about a better gift than an affordable and quality coffee infuser.

This brew it sticks to is what I would recommend as a to-go-for coffee maker choice for students when it comes to preparing quality coffee in a short period of time. It’s compact, stylish, and easy to clean as well.

And if you are not a coffeeholic, it’s not a problem. You can use this stylish diffuser to prepare all types of tea as well.

Foldable Tablet Stand

What about transforming your study and work? Sometimes, we just need to organise our workstations and a foldable tablet stand can be a good tool to help students to keep their study space tidy.

Sometimes looking too far at the laptop screen can cause you to inadvertently slide into an uncomfortable and dangerous position for your back and neck.

To that end, this adjustable and foldable desk is built to keep laptop users away from danger. Whether you’re sitting on a park bench or on your couch, unfold this adjustable table and hold it in front of you.

Workout earbuds

In their free time, all students like to work out and listen to music. So, why not make this task easier for them with a quality gift such as a Bluetooth workout earbud?

They make sure they fit as comfortably as possible while they’re light too, so when they’re in your ears, not only do they fit very safely, but you can barely tell they’re there.

The Soundcore Sport x10 earbuds are the ultimate match for those looking for exercise-proof buds. These earbuds are made to resist hours of intense training.

This means we use them in our exercise routines, along with regular testing of their audio quality and ease of use.


This is another effective way to help students who live in accommodations and dorms.  After all, intelligent use of available space is always very important. Any type of organiser box or shoe carrier or clothing is always one of the most useful gifts for future college and university students.

You can rely on the different styles, sizes, and colours of organisers nowadays. It’s a practical and welcome gift to them.

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