Best Vinyl Flooring for Moisture Protection

We have found ourselves wading through that part of the year where rain seems to fall day and night following intense heat and it remains that way throughout the rest of the year.

Even a quick run from the car to the house can result in you bringing in water, especially underfoot. You end up treading in water, which ends up ruining your carpet or floorboards, weakening their longevity if the water leaks through any cracks or floor weaknesses.

Does this result in people changing their water-soaking real Solid wood flooring for luxury vinyl flooring? In a majority of cases – yes they do.

Moisture Resistant


 The many great benefits of vinyl flooring within the home are the extremely durable protections they provide from such things as moisture and water.

Between the choice of glueing down or clicking together planks or tiles, you are sure to find that any dripping water coming off clothes or shoes does not soak through to the subfloor. Your vinyl will stay in place and more importantly, stay in ideal condition for many years ahead.

Moisture resistance is what makes Invictus flooring ideal for bathrooms and kitchens also, with raising temperatures of the bathroom not resulting in tiles coming unglued and kitchen food spills not leaving a huge chore in cleaning.

Guaranteed Quality


 Understanding that a floor is a long-term commitment, Invictus offers up to two and a half decades of warranty which is a testament to how durable their products are.

If any heavy damage is done to the flooring then the planks and tiles are relatively cheap and easy to replace. This can be done without taking up larger sections of your floor also. With a simple weekly mop or sweep and ensuring that any furniture is equipped with felt pads to avoid heavy scratches, your floor can retain its first installed look for the duration of its lifespan.


Beautiful Look

 Invictus stands as a popular leading brand for luxury vinyl flooring, which means you are sure to find the very best replicated look and feel protection underfoot.

From the widely popular replicated wood designs to the relative ease of installation of stone tiles, you are not only treated to a much more cost-effective option – but also a product that does not substitute style.

Nothing makes you feel warmer than coming in from a rainy day with luxury vinyl flooring. No matter how wet your floor gets you won’t be ruining the look and you won’t be in danger of slipping due to the anti-slip safeguards at play.

Invictus luxury vinyl flooring, such as grey herringbone vinyl flooring, is a leader in making sure your choice of flooring doesn’t leave your spirits dampened.

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