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Hair loss after the 40s was not a surprise to me. I have started to spot my hair getting weak in the last two years and started to be worried about it.

The truth is that hair loss can indicate different things, whether a reflection of some transformations in our body, harmful habits, and routine, or just the end of a natural cycle of follicles.

In this cycle, the strands of hair grow, strengthen, settle down, and gradually fall out. However, in some cases, depending on the amount and intensity of this fall, this may indicate some problems.

In my case, it starts to occur more frequently in the last two years. I didn’t read too much into it, but I have made some changes in my health.

Trying to maintain a healthy routine as possible. A balanced diet and physical activities are enough to maintain balance in body health and strengthen hair.

But sometimes, I know we need a more professional approach to deal with this problem.

During the last month, I have started to use a Mayraki anti-hair loss and hair growth shampoo kit to make my hair stronger.

What is Mayraki Professional?

Mayraki Professional is a natural haircare brand founded by a group of hair professionals and herbalists with the mission of providing solutions for the endless hair and scalp problems experienced by many.

The products are focused on developing effectively solving hair and scalp issues and improving hair condition. They are all Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, and Silicone-free hair products.

What did I get?

As part of this review, I have received at home a hair loss and hair growth shampoo kit, the hair growth intensive serum. I also received some samples of the Silky and Smooth Protein Proactive Hair Treatment Repair.

Mayraki Hair Growth & Anti Hairloss Shampoo Kit

This kit is a great surprise. The products are enriched with natural vegan ingredients such as castor oil, almond oil, and the highest concentration of Artemisia argyi extract to boost hair regrowth, thicken, strengthen hair strands, and prevent hair fall.

Those ingredients are naturally infused with anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients that provide a thorough cleanse of the scalp and hair of any build-up that might be causing any hair growth.

Hair Growth Intensive Serum

I have a lot of positive thoughts on this product. To start with, this hair growth serum smells divine. It’s infused with copper peptides – and natural ingredients that work closely together to maximize hair growth and minimise hair fall.

I loved it. This is packed with natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that suit all types of hair– Made from sustainably sourced premium botanical ingredients.

Repair – Silky and Smooth Protein Proactive Hair Treatment

Another great product. I have used it twice and quite liked the texture of my hair after applying the samples.

I guess it has all to do with the benefits of using Copper Peptide GHK-Cu. This helps with thickening and enlarging your hair follicles.

It’ll help your thinning hair, and weak hair to get a boost of strength, and you can keep them around for longer, which means hair fall will reduce significantly.

Copper peptides will reduce thinning and make your locks thick, shiny, and smooth. The results are amazing!

Why should you use Mayraki Professional products too?

I think everyone going through a hair loss period should try Mayraki products. The range of products for damaged hair and repairing is quite good.

Also, you can count on natural ingredients that will make your hair healthier. I am quite curious about the grey hair treatment range, and I would love to try more Mayraki products soon. The shampoo kit is a combo that is helping to get my hair thicker and stronger. But I do prefer to wait for at least 3 months to see the real effect of it on my hair.

I would definitely recommend anyone to bring the serum and repair treatment to their haircare routine.  Despite not being the most affordable product in the market, it should seem like an investment when it comes to hair loss treatment.

*I received the products complimentary from Mayraki for testing purposes



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