Serveware Essentials to have a Stylish Breakfast in Bed

Sundays are usually the day when we slow down a bit and enjoy simple things such as having breakfast in bed.  Who doesn’t like to be surprised by breakfast in bed, do they?

Our busy daily routine doesn’t let us enjoy special moments with our loved ones.

Above all, having breakfast in bed can be a great way to enjoy the weather better. And of course, to love each other a little more. So, why know to choose a Sunday or that day off in the week you to prepare a neat breakfast?

It will certainly bring some joy to your family. And on the contrary, you may think, it doesn’t mean we need to buy fancy food and spend a lot of money on the preparation.

You can always use your leftovers or your favourite snacks to make it an easy and enjoyable task.

However, I would recommend you follow a few easy steps to prepare it and make the most of your brekkie for your loved ones. To make it work without being too laborious, you need to have a good plan in your hands.

For the tray to be well organised, it is essential to separate the dishes that will be used in advance and take care that they have a beautiful presentation and, above all, with a certain harmony.

So, here is how I usually prepare a cosy breakfast in bed.

Choosing the Serveware

As you can imagine, breakfast in bed is not only plenty of food but also having a good decoration on your tray. I like to make it nice in a stylish way.

Therefore, we indicate that you choose beautiful and appropriate dishes for this moment. In addition, you can also spice it up with some colours. In my case, I am going for pastel pieces of ceramics from the Café Concept collection. They are elegant pieces that would inspire anyone. Here are my favourite pieces:

Bamboo Fibre Trail

To serve the best breakfast in bed is necessary to have a sturdy trail. Here is my favourite. This bamboo fibre trail is a perfect accessory for serving anything from your morning coffee to delicious afternoon tea.

The tray is a very important element of breakfast in bed as it should be large enough to accommodate well all the items that will be served, but without seeming that you are bringing something improvised to bed.

It can fit quite a lot of items and it is made from fully compostable bamboo fibre promoting sustainability by using fast-growing core materials. Just gorgeous.

Stovetop Espresso maker

Let’s be honest: What a gorgeous piece! I love having coffee quite early in the morning. But having this 6-cup espresso maker just upgraded my way of serving coffee. It’s a quite straightforward piece in a quite cute pastel colours combination.

It produces rich and authentic Italian coffee in minutes, and it is easy to use making it the perfect option for brewing coffee. Keep your coffee at the right temperature when serving it in bed too.

Snack Bowls

I do confess that instead of serving the full English, I would prefer to have my favourite snacks in a brekkie in bed.

It doesn’t make a mess, and you can treat yourself with biscuits, mini bread, or like in my case, I have served cheese bread (or pão de queijo) – a Brazilian favourite.

Even if you are one of those who does strict diets during the week, this can be an excellent opportunity for you to get out of the routine and eat that gorgeous food that you love so much but try to avoid.

That is when those snack bowls can be a good match for your breakfast-in-bed indulgence. They are made of ceramic stoneware and finished with a durable-coloured glaze, the bowl resists chipping, cracking, or fading, perfect for everyday use.

Sugar Pot

The whole idea of having a nice breakfast in bed is enjoying as many cuppas as possible and cups of coffee that you can without going anywhere else.

So, we will need a nice sugar pot to make it work smoothly.

I do confess that I keep it to use only on special occasions. It’s cute and the contemporary design will complement any kitchen or dining room.

I like the way the lid features a small cut-out, ideal for storing a spoon whilst not in use.

Coffee Mugs


Maybe the most essential piece in the whole set? I would risk saying that without the right mug is impossible to enjoy the whole coffee and tea experience, right?

I do take it seriously, and that is the reason I am in love with those coffee mugs.

To start with, soft pastel shades of grey and pink so you can either coordinate together or create a mix and match look. I am thinking about purchasing the pink ones soon!

I hope you like my ideas for having a gorgeous breakfast in bed. Let me know in the comments what are your favourite snacks to serve on this special occasion.

*I received the products complimentary from Typhoon for testing purposes


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