Kitchenware Everyday Essentials to Make Your Life Easy

Are you moving to a new house or are planning an upgrade to your kitchen? So, it is better to prepare a list of kitchen utensils that can be quite useful in your home. But before even starting it, it’s better to check which appliances you already can be reused and upgraded.

Making a list of kitchen utensils makes it easy for you not to forget to buy essential items for everyday use. Even knowing that your kitchen may be compact and not so spacious, you still must think about everyday essential kitchenware to make your life easier.

A functional kitchen needs to be well equipped to make your routine more practical and, consequently, faster, and simpler food preparation. To help you out, I’ve put together a general list of utensils for your kitchen. Here are my best picks:


Cookware is the most expensive item on the simple kitchen utensil list. The material and quantity of pans in the game also affect the price, so look for the sets that meet your needs. But you have some matches that can be quite affordable.

Everyday cook needs a durable and quality saucepan. This 16cm saucepan is what you need to prepare pasta, rice, and a stew in the winter. You name it.

It features a specially designed soft touch handle for ultimate comfort and grip. The clear glass lid has a steam hole and allows you to monitor your food while cooking.

It’s a practical item for any size of the kitchen. Easy to store and dishwasher safer.

Non-Stick Fry Pan

I don’t know about you, but most of my food is made in a non-stick fry pan. It’s the most essential item in my kitchen. So, I do recommend anyone invest in a quality one too.

This sturdy and stylish frying pan is perfect for everyday use. This 22cm fry pan is a utensil that will make all difference in your cooking.

It features a specially designed soft-touch handle for ultimate comfort and grip. The deep sides help prevent splashes, keeping hands safe and surfaces clean.

Stainless Steel Utensil Set and Pot

A versatile cooking set makes your kitchen stands out. This stainless-steel utensil set is all made of high-quality materials.

The stylish, contemporary design of the kitchen utensil set is beautifully finished with a matching pot that will look perfect on any countertop.

BPA-free and lead-free, they enable safe and healthy cooking while protecting your coated utensils.

Kitchenware with essential pieces can make your cooking practical and easier, and this helps keep the accessories organised too.

Steak Knife & Fork Set Giftbox


Of course, a kitchen to be complete needs to have a set of knives. In this set, we have a total of 12 pieces, all with stainless steel blades, which do not rust over time and have sturdy cables that ensure more comfort during use.

For me, a quality set of steak knives and forks is indispensable in any kitchen. This gift set is ideal for serving steak or BBQ when entertaining guests.

As well as a perfect match for serving quality protein at dinner parties. You certainly will let a good impression.

This 12-piece knife and fork set blends style, strength, and function with perfect precision. Crafted from the best quality material, this set comes with a gift box and makes for an ideal gift.

Bread and Knife Board

The bread knife is a serrated knife with a long blade, used to cut bread, cake, etc.

When you pick your favourite knife bread, it is also important to get a separate chop board to be used exclusively for this purpose.

For this reason, a set with bread and knife board is perfect for your daily food preparation.

For the knife, the curved handle features a soft touch finish for optimum comfort and added grip.

While the board is made from durable polypropylene that is non-slip and will withstand vigorous knife chopping action yet will not dull the knife blades. This material is hygienic due to the construction of the surface as it cannot harbour bacteria.

*I received the products complimentary from Viners for testing purposes

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