Helping your child with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety varies widely between children but is quite common amongst young ones. You’ll notice that some children are fine when they are with strangers whereas others are completely hysterical when they are away from their parents. For parents who need to work, being away from their children becomes a must.

However, children are unable to understand this at such a young age and will lash out and show high levels of anxiety. This can be unsettling for both parent and child which is why it is important to help your child as soon as possible. Here is some advice from a day nursery in Worthing on how to help your child with separation anxiety.

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Make sure not to elongate the time when it comes to saying goodbye. Even if you have a special handshake or like to give your child hugs and kisses before you depart, try to keep that time short but sweet.

If you stay too long, your child’s anxiety will rise to make it harder for them to separate from you.

Be consistent with drop-offs and pickups. Anxiety roots in the fear of the unknown which is why it is important for your child to be aware of what is going on. A routine will ensure your child builds trust in their own independence as well as make it easier for you when it comes to parting with them.

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Keep your promises. Your child will only comply when they know that they can trust what you say. This will make separation anxiety reduce. However, if you are making promises that you can’t keep, this will only make their anxiety worse. Be clear on when you will arrive and stick to your words.

Practice being apart. Allow your child to spend time with close family members and friends to ease the separation process. You can trust that your child is in good hands and your child will feel at ease knowing there are familiar faces around. Start small and work your way up together. You’ve got this!

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