Exploring STEM subjects with your child

When it comes to the subjects your child will learn in school, science, technology, engineering and maths, also known as stem subjects, are part of the curriculum.

These are widely focused on as they help students to develop a number of skills such as problem-solving and investigative skills.

This area, in particular, is important as it will help your child to build a strong foundation of life skills that will benefit them. as parents it is important to support your child’s stem learning as it will help them excel in the classroom. Here are some tips on how to explore stem subjects with your child at home.

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Start by taking part in experiments. Kids are born with a natural curiosity in they are under are always on the search to find out more.

Questions such as why the sky blue can pop up at some point in their life which is why it is important to show them where they can go to look for answers. In order to stimulate your child’s curiosity, have some fun at home by completing experiments.

Using materials in your kitchen cupboard you can show your child how reactions work between elements as well as learn about crystallisation.

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Use the outdoors as best as you can. children learn best when they are able to use most of their senses. Changing up the scene by allowing them to sit outdoors to learn instead of being stuck in a chair for hours upon end will change the way your child focuses when it comes to their work.

Take part in creative writing and painting to help your child explore and develop their skills.

Cook together as often as you can. Cooking is one of those things that you want to complete and get out of the way as soon as possible but asking your child to help you will assist them when it comes to their stem learning skills.

Delegate different tasks to your child such as reading out the recipe, making a shopping list and helping measure out ingredients. As time goes on, you will find that your child is showing more interest in their stem learning which will be beneficial to their academic future.

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