A parent’s guide to UK SATs

It has reached that time of year again when exams are taking place and primary school students will be sitting their SATs. An SAT test in the UK is what year 2’s sit in key stage 1 and year 6’s sit in key stage 2. below is a guide on how everything you need to know for this year’s SATs.

What are SATs? SATs are standardised tests taken twice in primary school at the end of key stages 1 & 2 to check the academic progress of students.

They are also a way for both parents and the government to track the quality of education taught at schools. In Key stage 1, children will be tested on their maths and reading skills.

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Moving onto key stage 2, students will be assessed on a little more such as their reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling and maths. Some schools also like to test students on their speaking and listening and incorporate science into exams too.

What is SATS for? These exams have been designed to show parents, teachers and the government where children individually stand in their education.

Teachers can identify strengths and weaknesses in students. Comparisons can then be made to see how well they are performing amongst peers as well as nationally.

SATs are also a great way to see how children handle the transition between key stages and how well they advanced. This can be a great way to indicate how they will handle the change into secondary school.

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SATs are compulsory in the UK. However, some parents choose to withdraw their children from these exams which have to be done privately through the school.

It is important to remember that there is no consequence to failing an SAT. It is there to test the school and to see where children lie in their studies and what help they made need in the future.

If you would like details on the dates and times of exams, contact your child’s school directly for more information.

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