10 Ways to Save Money When Travelling

When you’re travelling, the costs can soon mount up. Whether it’s airfare and accommodation costs or spending money on activities, it all adds up. However, there are a few simple tips and tricks you can follow to help you make the most of your money, no matter what your budget is. Here are ten ways that you can save money on your travels.

Cook Local Food

To reduce the money you spend on restaurants, try cooking with local produce instead. Local markets are great places to source fresh ingredients or you could explore the local supermarket and get adventurous by trying new dishes. You could also opt for street food to get a flavour of the local cuisine without a hefty price tag!

Don’t Buy Your Souvenirs at the Airport

Avoid last-minute shopping at the airport as you’ll find that many items are more expensive than they would typically be in the local shops. This applies to pre-holiday shopping too! Get organised and make sure you have everything you need before you travel.

Travel Out of Season

Travelling off-season can save you money on your flights and transport as well as accommodation. You’ll also find that many places are less crowded and you’ll have more choices in terms of places to eat or things to do without worrying about queues or whether or not you’ll get a table.

Be Smart About Your Accommodation Choices

Rather than staying in hotels, which can be pricey, why not go for a self-catering apartment, hostel or Airbnb instead? These options are usually cheaper and you’ll have more freedom too.

If you fall in love with a particular place and it becomes your go-to holiday destination year after year, you may even find that a holiday home there can be a more practical and economical option. This also means your family and friends can stay and experience the place you love, and you can even bring your pooch too!

Walk Instead of Using Taxis

Walking rather than taking a taxi will not only save you money on taxi fares but also means you’ll get to see more of the place you’re visiting and experience it in the way that local people do – by wandering the streets and seeing places that are off the beaten track. As a bonus, all the walking will contribute to your daily step goal and help keep you fit during your travels.

Invest in Travel Insurance

To avoid unexpected fees in an emergency, make sure you take out insurance before you travel. This will cover you in the event of you becoming unwell or having an accident that means you need medical attention or a hospital stay. It can also cover other unexpected costs if something goes wrong, such as if you need to book earlier or later flights home, for example.

Enjoy Free Activities

No matter where you’re travelling to, there will be activities and events you can enjoy for free. Make the most of these and prioritise them in your itinerary over paid activities so you can make your money go further and last longer. Activities such as self-guided walking tours of a city, picnics in local beauty spots, watching the sunset at a beach or hiking in national parks are all things that can be enjoyed for free in countless places across the globe.

Take Your Own Water

In places where it’s safe to drink tap water, pack a large reusable water bottle and refill this whenever you’re going out for the day so you won’t need to buy bottled water while you’re out sightseeing.

Think About How You’ll Pay

While travelling, it’s important to consider not just how much you are spending but also how you’re paying. It’s a good idea to always carry some cash on you in the local currency so you won’t be caught out in places where cards aren’t accepted or where there’s a charge to use them. You should also check with your bank that there won’t be any fees for using your card abroad.

Travel Light

Travelling light with only hand luggage means you can avoid baggage fees and as a bonus, you also won’t need to join the long queue to check in as you’ll be able to do it online!

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