Casual Jewellery for all Special Occasions

It’s a fact that feeling beautiful in the most diverse moments is what every woman wants, and for that, nothing better than the charm and refinement of jewellery to complement the look.

I was always a big fan of casual jewellery and there is no reason to be afraid of trying them on different occasions.

It doesn’t matter what you have in mind. If you are just going out with friends, going window shopping on the high street, or spending the day outdoors with the kids, there is always a piece of jewellery to make your casual outfit stands out.

They combine very well with a relaxed footprint, creating clean and charming conjunction.

Due to the importance of casual jewels in the composition of the most varied looks possible, we picked some options that you will be able to use them together with types of clothes to guarantee a much nicer and more elegant look.

So, here it is my suggestions for casual pieces for all kinds of special events.

Special Date

For a date night, like a romantic dinner, nothing better than going for a style that represents the real you. So, why not choose a piece of casual jewellery that highlights it? Also, invest in delicacy and subtlety.

A mix of small rings with few details, combined with a thin necklace and earrings that match directly with the rings themselves is an excellent idea.

Dinner with Friends

When treating yourself to a dinner with friends, you can also invest in some pieces of jewellery to complement your outfit. To match that gala dress, the idea is to wear powerful and very luxurious semi-jewels.

You can make a complete composition with earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Or you can invest in the combination of two types of pieces too. Earrings with rings are always a good idea.

Finally, a formal evening event. You can always bet on special pieces such as chains for women that always look good with different types of outfits.

Business Meeting

Sometimes, business is made in casual events. You don’t need to get a formal look to make a big impact.

In this case, for work or business meetings, the idea is to wear something more minimalist with sober tones and few details.

You can choose an elegant bracelet to complement the look. Another possibility is to invest in very simple rings and earrings, with very few details. The golden colour is always an excellent idea for the style of clothes.


Everybody at some point received an invitation to join a wedding by the beach. These informal events such as weddings and graduations are occasions that bring us a lot of questions about what to wear or look like.

You just must be very careful not to overdo it, after all, the spotlight needs to be focused only on the bride, right?

Therefore, analyse your entire look before putting on rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, for example, dresses that have more details require smaller and more discreet jewellery to balance the look.

*This is a collaborative post

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