Pesto Pasta to Celebrate the Nacional Pasta Day

I do confess that I never celebrated National Pasta Day before. But there is always a first time to everything in life, right? And who doesn’t like to have another reason to prepare your favourite pasta?

On national Pasta Day, we must highlight its benefits, since it is a very versatile food that we can combine with many others.

We also know pasta provides many carbohydrates, but they burn easily and quickly if done right.  It gives us a lot of energy and for all this, it is one of the recommended foods for people who practice sports daily.

I have decided to honour the date, which is celebrated on October 25th, with something a bit different from what I am used to eating: traditional pesto pasta.


What do You need to prepare a perfect pasta celebration?

I like it to be special. So, why not use kitchenware that will serve it in style? For a pasta indulgence for two, I am using Typhoon’s World Food Collection pieces that will inspire you too.

I do love to invest in stylish and practical pieces to present my meal in a quite special way on any occasion.

Here are my favourite pieces:

Pasta Bowls

We all know that popular saying “eat with your eyes”, don’t you? Well, if you like food and like cooking, I believe that is the way food should look at before we tuck it in. In my opinion, food indulgence starts in the presentation.

If you think like me, you should invest in this sophisticated pasta bowl set that will certainly make your celebration more special.

It’s made of ceramic stoneware and finished with a durable, blue-coloured glaze. This world foods pasta bowl resists chipping, cracking, or fading and is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. And it is simply beautiful!

Napoli Pourer Bottle

Here is one of my favourite pieces in the kitchen. This Napoli pourer bottle is a great addition to my daily cooking. Nowadays, I can’t imagine preparing food without quality olive oil. I use olive oil in practically everything, and I think you should do it too.

This pourer bottle makes my life easier. It features a stainless-steel spout with a flip cap for easy and mess-free pouring.

I love the bottle design finished with an attractive Napoli-styled olive oil badge. It’s a stylish addition to a worktop or dining table. I would leave it out of my Pasta Day celebration.

Stainless Steel Grater

When you think pasta, you think cheese. That is when the right stainless-steel grater comes handful.

The acacia wood handle is designed so it is easy to grip, and the non-slip base provides a sturdy surface whilst grating. It’s a quite stylish tool in a conical shape that is quite comfortable to use.

You should take it to the table and grate your favourite cheese straight onto your bowl of pasta.

Easy Pesto Pasta Recipe

Now you have all tools, it’s time to cook!

Pasta is usually on most people’s list of favourite dishes. There are many types and, depending on the classification that is given, the typology can be extended beyond the long, short, and stuffed pasta.

The most important task in preparing the pesto pasta is choosing quality ingredients to use. Mine is prepared with only three ingredients:

250g pack calamarata

2-3 pesto from a jar.

50g parmesan (Reggiano)

Method: Boil calamarata in a pan according to pack instructions. Drain well, then add it to a bowl with the pesto. Toss well, then tip into a serving bowl and sprinkle with the remaining Parmesan. Optional garnish: tomatoes and basil.

*I received the product complimentary from the typhoon for testing purposes

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