What are my child’s options after GCSEs?

Once your child reaches the time to complete their GCSEs, another question arises. What can they do after they complete their exams and leave secondary school? The good news is, there is a large selection of choices to make in order to achieve specific goals. This includes A levels, T levels, apprenticeships, and courses. There is a route for every child to take, especially if they have a particular aim at the end of it. Here is some advice from an independent College in Bath on what your Child’s options are after GCSEs.

A Levels. This is the most common route children take after GCSEs as it allows them to progress onto university after they have completed their two years of studies. A Levels are often provided by schools with sixth form colleges and allow students to progress onto further education while staying in the same institution. There is a wide selection of subjects for students to choose from depending on what the college or school offers.

T levels. This style of learning incorporates placement in the industry so that students gain the skills and experience they need to progress into work later on. Students will spend most of their time in the classroom and the rest on placement with an employer.

Apprenticeships. This is a brilliant option for those of all ages who are wanting to launch their careers in their chosen industry. There are thousands of apprenticeships to choose from with the chance to pursue anything from digital marketing to space engineering. This can be a good choice for those who do not want to complete their studies anymore and are all ready to go into the working world.

Colleges also offer vocational courses which are designed to help students gather the skills they need to start their careers or move on to higher levels of education.

Which one do you think is right for your child?

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