How to Switch to a More Sustainable Lifestyle

With global warming ravaging our planet, it’s time to make some changes to the way we live, so that
the Earth will be around for generations to come. These changes to become more sustainable can be
small or large depending on the time budget you have on your hands.

It’s not just individuals that are making the change to a more sustainable way of life, with many
companies and governments aiming to become carbon neutral in the future. If you’re ready to make
the switch to a sustainable future then we’ve got just the tips and tricks for you.

Change your mindset

To live a more sustainable life, you need to have the right mindset in order to be successful. If you
don’t then you may lack the motivation to keep up with these new ways of life. To do this, we
recommend doing your research to see why and how we can all play our part in a better future.

Research can be done by simply googling the reasons why or checking out documentaries around
sustainability such as Down to Earth with Zac Efron on Netflix. By doing this, you’ll feel inspired by
what you’re doing which will give you a push in the right direction.

What are some sustainable lifestyle changes we can make?

Shop local or grow your own food

Local and organic products should be chosen when possible. This can usually be done easily by
visiting your local butchers for meat and greengrocers for your fruit and veg. This will also help you
to support local businesses in your area.

You could also start growing your own fruit and vegetables in polytunnels in your garden, for
example. This is a great way to limit your carbon footprint considerably and may turn out to be your
new favourite hobby too!

Choose low-carbon transport

This will help reduce the amount of CO2 you contribute to producing. Car-sharing schemes and
electric cars can help those who can’t live without a car. We recommend using public transport
where possible as they have the lowest emissions when running. This is especially true for trains
which are the most sustainable form of transport.

Power your home with renewable energy

This may come with a hefty price tag but in the long run, will provide an impressive return on
investment. This is because renewable energy is cheaper to run but it also produces far less carbon
emissions too, making your house more sustainable. Some of the options you can choose include:
 Solar power
 Heat pumps
 Wind power
 Hydropower
 Bioenergy

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