Best Sailing Destinations for Families

Do you like sailing? Imagine doing this with your family. The fact is that some families like to sail together. It looks more common than you think.

And it’s not just a sport, but more like a lifestyle. After all, sailing around picturesque parts of the world sounds incredibly exciting, anyways.

Sailing with family is a quite great way of spending your holidays with loved ones. You can find a deserted island, enjoy the silence away from the big cities and, the next day, stop at a new place for dinner and make friends with the neighbours on the boat next to you.

If you are a sailing enthusiast, you just need a bit of research, adventurous spirit, and an Oyster Yachts unique sailboat to start planning your journey joining the most popular destinations for sailing around the world.

If you are a beginner in this matter, I can help you to track the best sailing destinations for families.


Let’s be honest, any traveller visiting Bermuda is attracted by its beautiful beaches, numerous diving spots, its vast golf courses, deep sea fishing opportunities and even snorkelling at amazing beaches like Church Bay.

The capital Hamilton is an important stop on cruises departing from the United States. It’s also a destination for nature lovers. Make the most of it.


I know for a fact that Zanzibar is a true paradise. I heard so many good things about this absolute gem on the east coast of Africa. The archipelago, belonging to Tanzania, has a small area of ​​just over 1600 km² filled with accommodation options.

Zanzibar became famous for its bungalows built over waters of such a crystalline blue that it allows you to admire corals without having to get wet.

For those who love sailing for one day or several, the island has much more than paradisiacal scenery, after all, it was home to Arabs, Europeans and other peoples and has a large amount of history and culture.


I am suspicious to talk about Croatia. Dubrovnik is one of my favourite destinations in Europe.

The Croatian coastline is often regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world, and the Croatian Dalmatia region is the one that concentrates the greatest number of paradisiacal landscapes full of islands lost amidst unbelievably crystalline waters.

It’s a sailing paradise indeed. The afternoon wind is reliable, and the city of Dubrovnik is a great spot to find a sailboat and set out to explore the region’s 1100+ islands.

Also, Croatia is a land to explore and admire its wealth of historical attractions.

Mallorca – Spain

Mallorca seems to be the most attractive spot for me from everything I have heard about fabulous destinations in Spain.

It is the capital of Mallorca where we should spend some time.  In fact, it is such a complete destination that many choose this city to spend all their holidays.

If you are looking for spotless clear water for the sailboat, this is also the destination of your stop.

New Zealand

It’s a fact New Zealand has one of the most scenic coastlines in the world. It is also the one that you will find more adventurous and sportive activities too.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the sailing culture is so strong there. One of the best places to explore sailing is the Bay of Islands, on the north coast of the North Island, a favourite destination for those who understand the subject.

That’s because, among more than 140 islands — where you can even stop to climb, walk, or relax —, the region concentrates impressive biodiversity and, therefore, the chances of you seeing a penguin or a dolphin are great. Just what every sailing family should expect as a perfect spot to spend some time.

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