Vinyl Flooring for the Bathroom

If you have a shower installed or a large bathtub, there is always that amazing feeling whenever you can get the chance to just relax on your own after a long day.

Adding some candles and a book whilst soaking it up, that time in the bathroom feels so much like a reward that you can just lay there and ponder what could make the room more relaxing.

Maybe cold flooring is getting ready to greet you when you climb out. That could be the case for luxury vinyl flooring to provide a better and warmer experience.

Water Worries

When it comes to the bathroom, water is the concern within the room. If the bath or sink overflows or leaking pipes soak through the floor and damage the ceiling downstairs, it can be very costly to repair all the damage.

It is a common problem for regular flooring that doesn’t provide waterproof security, but for Polyflor flooring – it is peace of mind.

With highly durable water-resistant safeguards, vinyl flooring has been developed with bathrooms in mind by incorporating an impressive 100% waterproof layer. Luxury vinyl flooring towers above Engineered wood flooring, stone or slate as the number one flooring solution recommended by interior designers.


Easier Cleaning Option

A simple mop for any drips or small puddles of water takes a huge weight off the mind when designing your bathroom style.

When young adults live with you, it is common for them to step out of the shower leaving wet footprints around the floor for you to discover. A quick clean product allows you to get them marching back and cleaning up their mess without the fuss.

Many people fall in love with the natural calm that a hardwood floor, stone style or ceramic can provide to the atmosphere of the bathroom. When employing luxury vinyl flooring in your bathroom, you can perfectly replicate to match the exact look and feel you desire, but at a fraction of the cost and an upgrade in comfort and warmth.

A Better Reputation

Ten years back, people would hear the words vinyl flooring and believe the product to be cheap and flimsy. Those days are consigned to the history books thanks to revolutionary steps in quality control, making vinyl flooring the number one market leader for longevity and satisfaction.

When you look for perfect comfort whilst you relax, Polyflor – such as oak parquet flooring – is a solid option that provides security and satisfaction for the bathroom.

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