Best Time to Buy a Caravan

You can buy a caravan almost any time during the year. However, some times are better for getting excellent deals than others. Depending on your preference, you can get a caravan before new models are launched or after they hit the market. Generally, people’s preferences are grouped by budget and style. These two will largely determine the type of caravan you end up with. So let’s check them out.

Purchasing a caravan is not merely about having a mobile abode; it’s an investment into a lifestyle of adventure. Especially when buying a caravan in the UK, the timing can significantly impact the cost and the benefits you reap from your investment.

Factors like camping seasons, new model releases, and promotions affect caravan pricing, making certain times more cost-effective for prospective buyers. Through this guide, you’ll discover the optimal times to make your purchase, aligning with your budget and preferences.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Caravan?

Many camping experts agree that the best time to buy a caravan is during the winter. Many campers are indoors because the weather is terrible. This is also when people are less likely to hold onto their caravans aggressively as they are currently not using them. This is the best time to buy a good caravan for the smallest amount possible.


Some other people love to shop for new caravans in the third to last quarter of the year. The timeframe around September to October is when manufacturers launch their new models. If you want to buy the latest model of your favourite caravan, this is the best time. The purchase may be expensive, but you can travel in style and enjoy the warranties that come with new caravans.

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What Affects Prices of Caravans During Each Season?

When determining the best time to buy a caravan, you must know what causes the prices of caravans to fluctuate through the seasons. Some factors have to do with the socio-political trends, like the post-covid trend of camping and glamping. Here are some things to note:

Camping Season or Not

Buying a caravan during the holiday season when people love camping is not the best idea if you want to buy one on a budget. Unfortunately, the demand is high at this time, and the supply may not meet it. Unsurprisingly, this drives the prices up and makes both new and pre-loved caravans available to only those who can afford to pay premium prices for them.


Spring and summer are when caravans prices go up, while it falls in the winter. As stated earlier, winter is the best time to buy caravans as dealers don’t get many customers and will be more cordial with their prices. Owners of pre-loved caravans are also not using their caravans, so they are usually more open to selling them off cheaply.

Promotion Periods

Another factor affecting caravans’ costs is the discounts and promotions typically available during the off-season. Caravan manufacturers release new models around September, so people sell off their old models cheaply around August. Dealers will also offer discounts on old models to stock up on new ones. As a result, this is the best time to buy a caravan if you want to buy one on a minimal budget.


A lot of thought and effort goes into buying a caravan. It takes more than walking into a dealership and pointing at your favourite caravan. You should purchase when there are many options and low prices—in this regard, buying a new caravan or a used one.

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