Learning about Financial Education with Money Games

I don’t know about you, but I am a visual person that prefers to learn something with repetitive and interactive practices. Whether I am learning a new language or how to use a new appliance, I do need to make it enjoyable and practical.

When we talk about financial education, also known as money games can be quite an effective and fun way of learning about the matter. There are dozens of free online business and money management games to educate and entertain kids and adults.

Regardless of age, this kind of interactive activity can help you to understand investments and financial independence.

The fact is that most of the situations presented in some of those games can be applied to real-life issues. And playing those games regularly can help you to create the habit of understanding your financial education issues.

The purpose of creating games like these is that people can have fun while learning how to make more coherent, conscious, and sustainable financial choices.

Thinking about it, I have picked some favourite called money games that can be an excellent source of learning when it comes to financial education.

Grocery Cashier

To be honest with you, I was never good at maths. But I always liked to play a part as a cashier when I was a child. It was just great having a job at a fictitious supermarket.

Every child loved to pretend they had to buy their grocery and we were usually quite creative.

Nowadays, children can do it online too. Imagine an interactive game with an educational proposal, where you can practice your math skills without giving up the fun.

When we play Grocery Cashier it is like having a lot of fun with the possibility of earning and multiplying their money. Children will practise addition and subtraction while operating a virtual cash register. Love this game!

Cash Back

Another winner! Cash Back is a game to give you the opportunity of learning how to give your changes correctly. It’s a quite fun one. The truth is that every child should start to understand having an organised financial life quite early.

Counting money and making changes are activities that help you to improve your math skills.

The purpose of these games is to be able to solve day-to-day dilemmas associated with money management, identify banknotes and coins and also teach how to add up amounts.

Treze Coins

Here it is a simple game that can make a lot of difference in children’s learning. Treze Coins will help the young ones how to count in a fun way. They just need to keep buying gumballs until they run out of money. Easy!

I loved the fact this game comes in different languages as well, giving the possibility for non-English speakers play it as well. I have played in Portuguese, but you can choose from English Italian, French, and Spanish too.

And as it is important that financial literacy is passed on to the youngest, and the sooner the better, we have brought some educational virtual games.

It is important to highlight that it must be done always with the aim of passing on the importance of money and how to manage it well by making good financial decisions. If they have fun, they will learn!

Simone Ribeiro
Hi! I'm Simone, a citizen of Britain, where I live for over a decade, and of Brazil, where I was born. Midlands Traveller is where I combine my passion for travelling, business and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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