Outfit Ideas for Happy Hour Drinks & after work Celebrations

December is usually the month we meet friends to share a few drinks and our expectations for the new year.

As soon as the weekend arrives, we start making plans to do something with the workgroup or a group of friends. That’s when happy hours in pubs, cafes and restaurants are always so popular.

If you are joining many happy hours during the winter celebrations, it is important to know how to put together an outfit that can work on both occasions, since it is almost impossible to go home before the happy hour itself.

If the idea is to finish the day and go straight to the bar, there are countless combinations that work perfectly in these two very different environments and the best: you can leave the house prepared for business meetings and then stretch out the day without having to take an extra piece of clothes.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some outfit ideas for you to go straight to the special occasion and enjoy your time with your mates.

Trousers and Shirts

Women’s favourite – a nice pair of trousers that make an infallible duo with another super traditional piece: the shirt. The result of this combo brings a proposal that can be used both for the day and for the night, that is, a ready-made look from the office to the bar.

They are stylish and have a whole lot of swag, so they don’t deserve to be left out of the evening look. The tip here is to bet on a blouse with an off-the-shoulder neckline for a more feminine and less serious look.

You just need to add some accessories and colours to make it stands out.

If you are going out on a Friday evening after work, why not add a gorgeous and sparkling pair of sock boots to your style? Boots are key accessories to bring comfort and elegance to your look.

Skirt and T-shirt

The seriousness and elegance of the skirt work very well with the joviality and laid-back look of a t-shirt. As this is a very unusual and different choice, opt for more sober colours so as not to overwhelm the look and invest in discreet accessories.

Bet on unique tees or tops that will make your look elegant and professional. But that can also make you feel ready to hit the pub.

Dresses or Jumpsuits

Here are two unique pieces that can make a happy hour outfit fun and comfy. These are unique pieces, that you can’t go wrong!

For dresses, it is important to feel beautiful and happy with your choice. If you don’t want to escape the formality that the office requires, maxi dresses and colourful shoes are the best choices to make everything more relaxed and fun.

If you want to be more sophisticated and posh, some of the party dresses for women are made for special occasions such as your workplace’s Christmas celebration. You will add some sparkles and style to your night out.

Jumpsuits are cute pieces that work both for working and partying. The look is automatically more laid-back and choosing a nice bra makes all the difference!

Or, if your office allows for more casual pieces like a denim jacket, pair it with a lace top to play with both styles.


A good tip is to invest in accessories, so you don’t have to take separate clothes to enjoy after-hours with co-workers.

A statement piece that is a must with any outfit is a luxury watch from the likes of Tissot and other luxury brands. If you have a gold, silver, or rose gold band on your watch, make sure it doesn’t clash with any other jewellery pieces you’re wearing.

Scarves are super versatile and charming accessories and can appear on different occasions. At work, you can wear it to bring colour to the look.

At the bar, tie it to your bag, put it around your neck or use it as a belt. In this last option, it is recommended to wear a blouse in a more discreet colour underneath. This also helps to bring out the colours in the scarf.

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