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Christmas is on the corner. That time of the year when we feel a bit nostalgic and want to remember our family and friends giving them something that is mindful.

I do confess it is getting a bit challenging now. Especially when people are choosing to not spend money on useless items.

Whether you’re creating a memory, putting a smile on someone’s face, or treating a friend, we do think about our gifts to be a perfect match for our loved ones.

It doesn’t matter the group of age you are gifting this Christmas, there is always something special to make the occasion more special.

It’s not about creativity, but also practicality. After all, we do need to think about the future of this planet every time we purchase something new.

Think about this, I have thought about putting together a list of presents that are useful, practical, and meaningful for people you care about every festive season.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles | Wentworth

I love jigsaw puzzles and I think it is one of the best presents someone can ask for at Christmas. Whether to pass the time, relieve stress or develop cognitive actions, putting puzzles together is a challenge that brings a lot of fun and learning, regardless of your age!

They can be considered a complete mental exercise, as it exercises the right and left sides of the brain. The right is responsible for creativity, emotions, and intuitive thinking; the left is the logical, objective, and methodical side.

For these many reasons, I still go for Christmas jigsaw puzzles as one of my favourite gifts to give and receive. It is just impossible to resist it.

Pair of Jeans | Lands’ End

At Christmas, jeans can make your look much more stylish and that’s why today we’ve separated these investigates perfect jeans for Christmas.

With so many models, washes, sizes, and trends that come and go, it can seem impossible to find the ideal jeans, right?

But it’s not that much of a mystery. The secret is, first, to understand your style of dressing. In fashion, there is no right or wrong, but what makes you most comfortable should also shape your decisions when choosing the ideal jeans.

A perfect pair of jeans can make a difference to your pocket too. It will last longer, and its innovative stretch denim can fit better and make you feel more comfortable for any occasion.

Beanie Hat & Scarf | Trend Him

With Christmas coming up, temperatures keep dropping. I think no one was expecting such a cold winter in the Uk. But here we are, trying to Cody up a bit. And I can`t think of a better way than adding some layers to your usual “winter look”.

So here is my best idea for a combination of presents for anyone in the family.

While in some places the days are rainy, in others there is heavy snow and others have a dry and cold climate. It varies a lot!

When we think about cosying up in the winter, we usually think about overcoats and lots of layers.

Unlike what happens in the hands and feet, the flow of blood circulation in the head and neck is high. And the neck is an area that is often neglected – especially by men.

The truth is that is quite important to keep the neck and head (especially the ears) always well protected.

For this reason, there is no better choice as a present for this colder-than-usual Christmas in Britain that a gorgeous combo of presents: beanie hats and scarves.

Let’s be honest. Nobody really likes to freeze, no matter how good they look. But this doesn’t mean you can’t keep warm in style.

Agenda and Planner | Kokonotes

Here to my favourite idea for the present – a Japanese Art planner and agenda. This is my second year using Kokonote agendas and I simply can’t start my year without a plan and organising it well.

For this reason, a practical and convenient 2022-2023 diary, essential for organising your daily commitments and activities; for writing down reminders and notes, is ideal pressie.

This gorgeous one features a colourful and classic Japanese design, inspired by ancient art.

Plant a Tree | Earthwatch

Tiny Forest tree planting at Moseley Road Open Space,Year 8 students from Mosley Park School joined Earthwatch Europe and Councillors from City of Wolverhampton Council to plant the city’s second Tiny Forest.

As joyous as the festive season can be, italso a wasteful time of year, especially when it comes to trees.  Trees are chopped down and then thrown out and reels of wrapping paper are used and then disposed of.  With Earthwatch’s new campaign, we can balance our excesses by planting a new tree for 2023.

How does it work? 

We all have a favourite tree, whether it be an Oak, Hazel, Rowan, Silver Birch, Hawthorn or Dog Rose and for a suggested donation of £8 the buyer can choose the species they’d like to sponsor.
On purchasing, the buyer will receive a tree sponsorship certificate, personalised for whoever they choose. The recipient will then be able to access information about where their tree will be planted via the Earthwatch website.

Who does it benefit?  

As climate change rampages across the globe,  Earthwatch’s Tiny Forest initiative is dedicated to increasing biodiversity. Trees are the ultimate carbon catchers and Earthwatch is planting tiny forests across the UK.
But the benefits are not purely environmental, the planting of trees has a positive impact on our mental health. In polling by Forest Research,  more than 90% of respondents said woodlands were important to them in reducing stress.

What is Tiny Forest? 

Tiny Forest brings the benefits of a forest right into the heart of our cities and urban spaces. Earthwatch planted the UK’s first Tiny Forest in the UK in 2020. Since then the movement has grown to almost 150 forests, bringing together communities, the public sector and businesses

Effortless Travel Haircare kit

Searching for a perfect present for that friend or a family member who spends more time on a plane than at home? This holiday season, Mayraki Professional has you covered with the Glowing Hair Travel Kit which will become an essential addition to any frequent flyer’s luggage or carry-on bag.
Available in three festive colours, the set includes five travel-sized Mayraki bestsellers: Ultra Repairing Weightless Moisture Shampoo, Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Repairing Conditioner, Ultimate Botanical Moisturising Hair Oil, Camellia Sinensis Tea Leaf Probiotic Sea Salt Scalp Scrub and the Weightless Essential Oil Nutritive Treatment.


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