Sustainable Living Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is around and we can’t deny I always feel a bit guilty for possibly buying a present that will be more than a waste than a useful treat. If you feel the same, it is time to think about gifting your loved ones sustainable alternatives.

 What is a sustainable present?

The simplest definition is they are more responsible and conscious choices. It is obvious that buying less is always the best option. But if you like gifting your loved ones and thinking about a better planet for the future – the only way is to go for eco-friendly presents.

Eco-living is a great option present for all family and friends. You can simply make a loved one’s home more sustainable this festive season with a few changes in your way of buying products.

If you are not shopping locally, choose products that fit a more sustainable lifestyle. To help you out in this task, I have a few options that can be a good match to add to your Christmas shop list.

Glass Jars

If you are trying to make your home eco-friendlier, you should start from the kitchen. We do need to understand that looking after the environment around us is more vital now than ever before and are passionate about the fight against single-use plastic and throwaway items.

Fortunately, there are plenty of products to go for when thinking about ditching plastic. These glass jars can be a gorgeous option for sustainable pressie this Christmas.

With a natural cork lid and stunning floral detail, these gorgeous jars are made from borosilicate glass, this strong and durable material is recyclable and will help to keep contents fresh.

Rectangular Board


If you are thinking about throwing a dinner party on New Year’s Eve, this is a perfect item to have at home.

This rectangular board is perfect for entertaining. The elegant board is crafted from marble and acacia wood for an eye-catching, sophisticated style.

It’s the best solution for those looking for a durable and eco-friendly piece to serve nibbles at Christmas with style.  The marble section of the board is naturally cool so is ideal for keeping cheese platters at the correct temperature.

I am completely in love with it and would recommend this as an elegant pressie to friends. Or a perfect match to throw an elegant cheese and wine party on New Year’s Eve.

Prep and Go Container

I know it looks a bit strange to gift someone with a piece of food container. But the truth is that storage items are highly recommended as a present, especially if the person who will be gifted is also a new homeowner.

I do love this prep-and-go food container for being a solid piece of storage indeed.

It can hold anything (soup, roasted veggies, saucy pasta, a big salad, for example) and it will not leak—thanks to its watertight lid with a silicone gasket and two locking clips.

It looks like a sleek ceramic container, but it is it’s actually a much lighter BPA-free alternative to single-use plastic.

Pop Containers

Pop containers are my favourite tools when we think about storage. They are also durable and stylish.

As you can imagine, it is quite versatile too. You can keep a variety of groceries stored and preserve in airtight jars, items such as cookies, cereal, chocolates, leftovers from the day before, and salads, among others.

Since they isolate the contents completely from the external environment, this makes the food last much longer and its flavour, quality and texture remain intact. Quite good, isn’t it?

These Good Grips pop containers only have something to add and are essential in a kitchen.

In addition to helping to preserve food and protect it from the external environment, they can also be part of the decoration of the environment, cheering up and maintaining order in a cosy and inspiring room in the house. I just love it.

End Crain Butchers Block

Here it is a piece of a sustainable solution that everyone should have in the kitchen. Regardless of which gastronomic style you like, this is a kitchen utensil that cannot be missing in your kitchen.

This End Crain butchers block is by far the best piece that I brought to my kitchen this year. It is stylish and solid.

Making the life of who likes to deal with meat all the time, quite easy. It facilitates the action of cutting meat, vegetables, greens, or fruits, thus, it will be essential for you who are from an amateur cook to a professional.

Produced from durable and sustainable acacia wood, the butcher’s block features an end grain construction which is not only gentle on knife blades but also prolongs their life of them.

A unique gift often used at times like barbecues with friends and family or cutting meats and vegetables.


Pizza Serving Board

I love making my own pizza. And I would love to have this pizza serving board as a Christmas present.

Pizza is a meal that brings people together. Few meals manage to please everybody with varied palates as pizza.

It is simple to make, and you can be quite creative with toppings. Simple to make and very tasty, it is present in every corner of the world. The pizza board is one of the essential items for anyone looking to combine style and functionality when serving this Italian delicacy.

This Napoli Pizza board is an essential utensil produced from eco-friendly bamboo wood and features an etched pizza box-style decoration. It will keep your food in ideal condition for consumption.

Terracotta Rectangular Dish

Another favourite in our kitchen – is a rectangular dish Just like glass is one of the most versatile utensils.

It is perfect for distributing heat evenly —Unlike aluminium, heat is not lost quickly after it comes out of the oven, and this terracotta rectangular dish is able to keep food warm for longer.

Produced from natural terracotta, each item has been dip finished with a navy-coloured glaze and will add colour and vibrancy to any table setting.

They can transform your table, and depending on the model, you can even use them when storing leftovers in the fridge or reheating them in the microwave.

It makes it easier to put them in and remove them from the oven, and they do not release substances harmful to health when they meet high temperatures.

It is also so stylish that you will want to show it off at the Christmas table this year.

Monochrome Bamboo Fibre Serving Trail


I do confess I love this elegant and modern bamboo serving trail. The model has a round shape and a classic design.

It has hollow handles that make it perfect for carrying food and drinks. It is produced in bamboo wood. As you know bamboo is an ecological raw material, self-sustainable and highly resistant. In addition to being versatile, Bamboo is 30% lighter than hardwood.

In addition to being versatile, Bamboo is 30% lighter than hardwood. Its use does not harm the environment, because, when harvested, it regrows in a short time.

This monochrome bamboo fibre serving trail is a gorgeous piece to add to your special occasion. Made of a classic black with chevron detail, tying in with the full monochrome range. I am totally in love.

*I received the products complimentary from Viners, typhoon and OXO for testing purposes


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