Christmas Gift Guide : Essential Utensils & Tools for a New Homeowner

When I was thinking about my gift guides for this year, I tried to bring ideas that would be useful to all kinds of people in different situations. As this has been a quite challenging year for everyone, I did want to go straight to the point.

After all, it is Christmas will be quite cautious when spending money. As I am also someone who just moved to a new home, leaving the rental days behind, this is what I had in mind: giving pressies that would be extremely useful to new homeowners out there.

Gifting someone is always a challenge anyway.

When the treat must be an item for the house it is even more complicated. The truth is that betting on useful pieces for all rooms is the key to the success.

As much as we know the style of our friends and family, we can’t predict whether the decor will match what we imagine. In the list below, we have therefore listed gifts that are welcome in homes of any style.

Glass Worktop Saver Protector

I am not going to lie; I just love this glass worktop saver. It is stylish and it is a perfect pressie for those (like me) who like to have their kitchen counter quite organised.

This glass cutting board, in addition to being beautiful, is multifunctional: it can be used as a serving board, to prepare ingredients, or rest spoons.

In addition, it is heat resistant, that is, don’t worry about using it to finish preparation, cutting a slice of potted meat, or slicing a stuffed lizard after it is ready, for example!

Digital Scale

One of the most important things for good cooking is knowing the exact measurements for a recipe. If you like taking your cooking seriously, you will love this electronic scale.

It is a great present for the MasterChef aspiring in your family. Especially when we are talking about the preparation of sweet recipes, and desserts, which are more delicate items and which normally require greater accuracy in quantities, measurements are essential on these occasions.

It’s the kind of gift that it’s impossible for anyone who receives it not to like, as the cooking routine will be much simpler with a digital food scale at your disposal!

Manual Food Processor

Here is another favourite. I do love preparing guacamole, but sometimes it is just a mess making it. It ended when |I discovered this manual food processor. It is so handful tool indeed.

Whether you’re chopping tomatoes into larger chunks for salsa or puréeing chickpeas for hummus, the texture is up to you and how many times you turn the comfortable handle.

This is the type of present that facilitates and speeds up processes in the kitchen, ideal for all types of vegetables and greens.

Easy to clean, takes up little space, and is very resistant, a perfect combination of convenience, speed, and organisation.

Knife Block Set + Sharpener

The aspiring chefs will understand it. But it is fundamental to have a quality knife block set at home. This one comes with a sharpener. What else should we ask for?

Make kitchen worktops clutter free and organised with the new multi-storage knife block set.

I didn’t know it but apparently, you can remove the boards and transform this space into an iPad or phone holder, ideal to use when reading a recipe. Just brilliant!

The pieces match any kitchen and make it more beautiful and classic, as its handles are in an elegant black colour. The blades made of stainless steel, having been subjected to heat treatment, offer greater durability and resistance.

Extendable Tub and Tile Brush

This is probably a gift you thought you didn’t need it. I am telling it because I thought I didn’t need it too. But the extendable tub and tile brush do the job of several appliances in just one tool, making it perfect for bathtubs, tiles, glass, floors, and tight spaces around bathrooms.

Like many other Good Grips products, it makes life easier for anyone. If you are gifting someone who just moved out and needs to sort out their new home, it is a practical addition to their life.

Coffee/Tea Mugs

It seems a bit weird to gift someone with a pair of mugs. I don’t think so. I love my mugs, but I am quite picky. So, if you decide to give them as a present, it is always important to know which style the person likes before buying it.

There are so many options on the market for mugs, and every coffee/tea lover eventually goes through a phase where they are looking for the best cup of coffee.

The perfect one varies greatly from person to person, and while some prefer a classic barista cup as part of a barista coffee cup set, others like large, stable designs.

These dark grey mugs are what we can call all-around essential. They are perfect for tea and coffee as well as hot chocolate, the mug will complement any kitchen or dining room.

Household Squeegee

Cleaning tools and products are always welcome in a new home. But sometimes we can’t see it as a suitable present for special occasions.

But the truth is that some people would be quite happy to have a house organisation bundle for Christmas if they just moved out and didn’t have time to sort things out. So why not risk it?

This household squeegee wipes off tiled surfaces, mirrors, shower doors, and windows. The Squeegee has a flexible blade that can be used on rippled surfaces

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Another practical option to gift this Christmas. This salt & pepper grinder set is so delicate and stylish. They are easily adjustable and rest flat when upside down for easy refilling.

A perfect gift idea when we are looking for something elegant to gift someone who just needs kitchen supplies and tools. It is sold filled with sea salt and black peppercorns.

Besides, everyone has a friend who loves to invite the guys and/or family members to a special dinner prepared by the person themselves. This present can be a starting point in the life of a friend who loves to cook in an amateur way.

Scoop and Smash Avocado tool

Here is something for the healthy ones who eat a lot of avocados a week. I loved the idea of having a scoop-and-smash avocado tool for the simple fact that it is a practical utensil.

Let’s be honest, scooping avocados are quite annoying, and sometimes you just need a tool to facilitate your breakfast preparation. Here is what you and your loved ones needed to prepare that gorgeous guacamole.

Just like its name implies, the OXO smash & scoop avocado tool is great for smashing avocados and scooping out creamy (or chunky!) guacamole.

*I received the products complimentary from Viners, typhoon, and OXO for testing purposes

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