How to Cosy Up Homes with Christmas Gift Ideas

With the arrival of winter, you need to think about how to make the environment of your home more heated and cosier.

If you are thinking about the costs of electricity bills for this winter, every clever idea to make your family warm up is valid. This Christmas, I have decided to cosy up my home to feel warmer and enjoyable for all family.

Thinking about this, I have prepared a list of small things we can do during the winter to cosy up our homes for this Christmas too.

Keep Doors & Windows Closed

It may seem obvious, but many people think that we must leave doors and windows open to help circulate the air every time we are out.

The truth is that you just need to do it to have a good result. So, avoid leaving everything open during the day.

You can do it first thing in the morning while preparing your breakfast, and alternate it during the day, leaving living rooms and bedrooms open, then the kitchen and bathroom.

In my case, I am also using a drafter excluder to prevent the air or draft from coming from under my doors. It is helping me to keep the rooms cosier in lower temperatures.

This festive green and red velvet excluder will keep the winter chill at bay and your home cosy.

Use Blankets and Throws

Pillows and blankets contribute to creating a cosier environment and help to control the temperature of the room. Choose materials like microfiber, wool, and knit.

How about combining it with lower lighting? LED lamps with more yellow tones contribute to this effect. Why not pick a stylish Christmas decoration to go with it?

I have my favourite: this tree light-up countdown is a perfect item to add festive cheer to your home! It works as a decorative wooden advent Christmas countdown calendar, and it will add the cosiness your living room deserves on chilling evenings.

Bringing Scents to Your Rooms

With the turn of the year, that desire to give the house a makeover arises, but if the budget is reduced, it is worth doing it in an economical way.

Buy colourful cushions and duvet covers, scented candles, and why not buy a 3 scented diffuser & reeds gift box to bring a wintery fragrance of fresh berries to your living room?

When you bring the diffusers to your well-being, you also make your home more enjoyable.

In addition to providing a good smell for the environment, the practice that uses essential oils as raw material extracted from different types of plants has olfactory components capable of acting positively in our organism.

Placing them in front of windows, doors and air conditioners enhances the aromatisation performance.

A ceramic diffuser is a perfect option for bathrooms and hallways. With a chic grey-to-white ombre finish, this glossy ceramic pot will fit in effortlessly with any interior style scheme, turning any space into a sanctuary.

When entering a room, the aroma of the place is the first thing we notice, and our emotions are generated through smell.

That way, the ideal perfume can completely influence the types of connections we create! To establish a more pleasant experience, we can select specific scents for each space in which we live.

Tidy Up Your Bedroom

If your concern is to provide warmth, then don’t forget to tidy up the bedrooms. It’s not only important to keep the spaces organised, but also clean and clear.

To give it a Christmas touch, you can always pick a stylish new duvet set. I am just a little bit obsessed with this graphic bee print duvet set. From the rich emerald, green base, to the contemporary art deco-inspired geometric design and the iconic bee in the centre of each hexagon, it oozes luxury and style.

Another tip is to use a small, decorated Christmas tree in the environment, not forgetting the blinker lights that bring that air of well-being and comfort to the environment.

*I received the products complimentary from Cotton Traders for testing purposes







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