Christmas Jumpers and Outfits to Stay Cosy at Home

When the days are cold, you can easily stay warm by wearing layer after layer of clothing. But it’s more challenging to choose the right pieces for everyone.

Of course, that thick, heavy clothing will keep you warm in the winter, but it is important to make sure you’ll be overdressed and uncomfortable. After all, spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve at home cosying up with family is also a great reason to invest in the right outfit for chilling out.

Wearing multiple layers of clothing will solve this problem and allow you to match your outfit better. So, here are some ideas for outfits to stay cosy these festivity days.

Christmas Jumpers

Staying at home is one of the most considered options in Christmas festivities. For this reason, Christmas jumpers-themed accessories and cosy socks can be the key to a night spent in the comfort of home.

You can upgrade your look with the perfect neck jumper or winter crew jumpers collection, it is perfect for wearing on leisure days or when you’re out with friends, we have a variety of colours to choose from – opt for discreet neutral colours for a relaxed and comfortable look.

We know you love our festive knits every year, so we’ve combined our Fair Isle and festive patterns with new half-zip styling.

Pyjama Trousers

We know that choosing a pair of Christmas pyjamas can be a bit difficult, as you will have to choose not only a model that suits your tastes, but also textile materials that you like or that match the climate where you will wear them. The piece.

To buy the perfect fleece pyjama bottoms that best suit your taste, you will need to pay close attention to the most essential buying factors such as the models of pyjamas, the style of each one and the materials from which they are made.

Give winter a warm welcome with our super soft pyjama bottoms. You’ll be perfectly comfy on even the coolest nights thanks to the cosy microfleece fabric and that easy-wear elasticated waistband.

Dressing Gown

Synonymous with comfort, the bathrobe is usually used when leaving the bath or pool. But many people believe that the bathrobe is a luxury to be enjoyed in hotels and spas, but there are many benefits to wearing it daily.

The first one is that the bathrobe can replace the bath towel in some situations, such as when taking care of the hair before getting dressed or changing the children first is much sought after by those who practice swimming or water aerobics.

Its main benefit is to dry and protect the body, but the number of people who use it over pyjamas or clothes, to keep warm on colder days, is growing.

In winter, the dressing gown gains another objective, which is to warm the body right after getting out of the shower and keep the skin moist so as not to dry it out in the cold.

Wrap yourself up on these chilly winter evenings with our super soft fleecy dressing gown. It also helps keep our pyjamas warm when we get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or get out of bed for breakfast.

Lined Coat

Winter is synonymous with cold, rain and bad weather, so coats are our greatest allies to keep us warm, beautiful and cosy.

From the countryside to city streets, this coat will leave you crossing your fingers for a cold snap! Inspired by the great outdoors, it has a pure cotton outer for comfort and premium quality, and an irresistibly warm half-Sherpa.

It is a perfect match for those cold days when you need to pop quickly outside but don’t need to dress up for the occasion.

*I received the products complimentary from Cotton Traders for testing purposes

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