How to Stay Safe when on Holiday Abroad

Holidays are supposed to be the most relaxing time of the year, and the last thing you need is an accident or incident when travelling.

While it’s always important to look after yourself and take note of your surroundings, this is especially crucial when travelling abroad, where you may not be familiar with the customs, language and culture.

To keep yourself safe on holiday, take note of these handy tips for a stress-free break abroad.

Get to grips with the language

While no one’s expecting you to be fluent in the language of your chosen country, ensure that you get to grips with the basics.

Learning and using basic greetings will go a long way with the locals and make your day-to-day encounters much easier. Brushing up on key phrases could come in handy if you do happen to suffer an injury on your travels.

It’s worth bearing in mind that, depending on the country you’re visiting, you could be faced with substantial medical bills should you end up in the hospital, so ensure that you’re covered with the relevant travel insurance and that you’re able to make a personal injury claim if need be.

By getting to grips with the basics of the local language, you’ll also feel more confident when conversing with doctors, nurses and professionals in your country of choice.

Don’t carry too much cash

As a foreigner, you could be more likely to attract the attention of criminals and predatory tourist operators if you’re seen to be carrying lots of money.

While the problem of cash-carrying may not be as much of an issue in the age of contactless payments, it’s worth remembering that these may not always be available in your country of choice.

This is especially true when it comes to using public transport, eating in restaurants and shopping at local businesses. If you have to carry cash when you’re out and about, try to limit its value and keep your wallet safe.

Don’t flash your jewellery and electronics

In the same way, that flashing your cash could get you in trouble on your travels, try to keep expensive items of jewellery and tech hidden away from potentially unscrupulous eyes when you’re on holiday.

If possible, keep these stowed away in a safe location such as a bum bag, money belt or hidden wallet.

You can research the local crime rates and security guidelines of your chosen destination to gauge the risk but it’s generally best to keep valuables hidden wherever you are in the world – this could help you avoid becoming a victim of crime abroad.

Check if you need vaccinations

In order to avoid contracting a potentially life-threatening illness or disease when you’re on holiday, you may be required to take vaccinations before travelling.

Always ensure that you do your research about any travel vaccinations you may need well ahead of time – you will likely need to show proof of these to complete the trip.

Make sure your phone is working

If you are involved in an accident or incident abroad, you may have to rely on your phone to seek essential information, help or assistance to get you out of trouble.

Before travelling, ensure that your device is in good working order and with a reliable internet connection so that you can make calls and use maps or services wherever necessary.

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