Why is Sensory Play Important for Toddlers?

Sensory play is a huge area used by many day nurseries, including this day nursery in London. They are a big part of nursery children’s development because of the awareness they will begin to develop, which will help your child perform better through all walks of life. Here are some other reasons why sensory play is really important for your toddler.

Teaches your child about different feelings

Holding things that feel different from something else is going to really allow your child to explore lots of feelings. There are sensory toys that can be crunchy, or can feel like liquid, are pieces of clay, and so on. All of these different toys are going to greatly help your child with their understanding of the senses and how they can relate to these in the future.

Makes your child aware of how smell and taste impact things

A child’s sense of smell and taste is going to be complicated at first, but it’s also an opportunity to show your child how to appreciate these things. Trying lots of different foods is a common area where children struggle as they’re still learning how these things taste and change when they’re being eaten.


But regular training in this area will help your child learn to really love food. With so many different flavours to experience this will be key to their development.

Gives your child a huge stepping stone in their development

Having that chance to understand the fundamentals from an early age is going to give your child a better head start in life. From the different smells to the way they hold your hand, or what they can hear and see, they’re all hugely important to a child’s early years of development. It’s a good way to help your child become a lot more attuned to what they know about their surroundings and how it’s going to help them be a valued member of society.

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