Why should you go for Skinimalism in 2023?

Yep. Sometimes less is more. Even when you think about skincare. I also know that is it easy to say but not put into practice sometimes.

But I have started to rethink my skincare routine and decided to take a more minimalist approach to it.

There are many reasons and ways of doing it. I think I have reached the moment in life where I tried many different skincare products and brands, and now I can pick only three of them for a daily routine. And I think you should do it too.

What is skinimalism?

Skin + minimalist. It is the simple explanation for this beauty trend that is already followed for many of us, but it will be in demand in 2023. Let’s say skinimalism is the act of using your skincare to achieve natural and glowing skin without using many products.

You may be thinking it is definitely not for you, but in fact, ten overuse of products on a skincare regime can be ineffective and even cause breakouts on your skin. That is when skinimalism is quite helpful.

As with any type of skincare, each person must identify what their needs are before choosing the type of skincare they will adhere to. For this, a consultation with the dermatologist is essential and will help to identify the particularities of each case, in addition to verifying which are the most suitable assets for your goals.

Benefits of Skinimalism

Saving time and money would be the first obvious answer to this question. But the truth is that you can add much more to your skincare regime when you choose the right quantity of products.

Some of the benefits of Skinimalism are mainly linked to the fact that it is a simpler self-care approach, which intends to eliminate any complications related to understanding ingredients or knowing how to apply them.

This is because excessive product use can cause allergies, and irritations, in addition to stimulating increased oiliness.

Another great advantage is the fact that Skinimalism is seen as a sustainable practice since it encourages the choice of multifunctional products instead of a multitude of products, which reduces the carbon footprint, packaging disposal and waste dumped and use of water. Of course.

How is my Skinimalism routine?

It is important to highlight that I like to finish my products before buying a new one. This is my standard practice since I started taking skincare routine seriously back in 2018. So, I do recommend finishing your products instead of buying dozens of new ones.

During this harsh winter, I have updated my routine to combat dry winter skin. For this reason, I have invested in some products that are working perfectly in this harsh season in the UK.

My minimalist skincare routine in January has only three steps, by the way.

Gokujyun Cleansing Oil | Hada Labo

Maybe you need to know it, but over-cleansing your face in winter can lead to drying your skin out more than it already is.

On my recent visit to Brazil, I purchased some Hadal abo products. For the simple fact that they are quite hard to be found in the UK. My to-go lotion Gokujyun was one of them, of course.

But this time, I also brought home the Gokujyun cleansing oil to try out and I am happy with the results so far.

It has a thick texture that effortlessly removes the most stubborn of impurities, and it gets rid of waterproof makeup too.

And because it is packed with powerful ingredients such as two super hyaluronic acids, jojoba oil and olive, it nourishes my skin in quite effective way.

I use this cleansing oil in the morning and at night. Whether I need a deep cleansing or not.

Ceramidin Cream Mist | Dr.Jart

I am not going to lie; my skin has suffered a lot since I moved to the UK. The colder winter and lack of sunshine (yep. It sucks) sometimes just don’t give us any chance for our skin to recover.

That is when a quick light booster of moisture is helpful. The Ceramidin cream mist is my mosturiser for the day. And it can be a great top-up product to be used together with your daily mosturiser ( in my case is still the Cerave Mosturising Lotion).

Ceramides are important for skin barrier function – which means it holds the skin together and helps to prevent the loss of moisture during the day.

I love this cream mist is super light and refreshing. I feel my skin smooth and glowing even when applying a small quantity of it. Not to mention that ceramides have anti-ageing properties. It is definitely my barrier-booster mosturiser to go for in the winter.

Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics | Beauty of Joseon

Sunscreen is without a doubt the most important part of any skincare routine. Getting into the habit of using it is an essential step to having healthy and protected skin all day long. 24/7 365 days.

That’s what I do. And for this year, I am giving the benefit of trust to the Relief Sun rice sunscreen by Beauty of Joseon. I have read many reviews of this popular Korean brand. And I think I am ready to try more of them.

I am happy to say this is an affordable, effective, and lightweight product packed with ingredients that would protect and boost your skin for longer such as rice extract (30%) and grain probiotics complex.

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